Fear of raising basals/taking more insulin

anyone else struggle with this? I’ve had to raise my basals twice in the past week for no discernible reason - eating the same, not sick, same exercise, waited through several pod changes and swapped my bottle of insulin. clearly my needs are changing and I’m fine with that if it’s permanent. I’m extremely insulin sensitive and increasing my dosages tiny amounts causes big changes usually. does anyone else struggle with a fear of what happens the day if the insulin needs change again? I have a serious fear of lows!

thanks for any support or suggestions!

t1 20 years, omnipod, Dexcom

I'm thinking I'm in need of a change on my lantus dose and possibly my i:c ratio with Novolog and I'm not trying to be a perfectionist but I've been swinging and it's making me moody and crap (which I assume is lantus related more than novolog related?) . I kind of understand this, but at the same time I'm gonna feel better if I take that insulin even if it's a bit scary at first because I've run into hypos from taking too much insulin (this is a big reason I'm gonna try to get the pump talk going next week so I can do smaller increments) . I feel like corrections are the thing that mess me up though more than anything and make me scared to correct even if I"m in the 200's or something.

My daughter is 10 and weighs 60lbs. Adjusting her basals scares the bananas out of me! We have to do it in super tiny increments and up the amount of daily tests. Especially through the night. She sleeps fine but I lie awake worrying about it :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for responding! the pump does help with that a LOT. I have a hard time correcting in the 200s still too but less so on the pump than on MDI.

I'm always marveling at how strong you parents of diabetic children are <3