Features of the accucheck spirit insulin pump

Hello. My son has been using an Animas pump for about 6 years, and I was looking

at different features on various pumps, but am unable to find anything in detail re:
Accucheck Spirit pump other than the largest cartridge and reversible screen. Can someone
please share their experience with this pump and where I may obtain detailed info on it? Thanks!!!

  1. you get 2 pumps (hotspare) with the current purchase of the Spirit…
  2. the thing is pretty darn well abuse proof. (some of the local pumpers around here, myself included call it the swiss tank, it doesn’t have a lot of whiz-bang features of some of the newer pumps but you can beat the thing up. Not rated as highly water resistant as the current animas but can take a bit of water esp if you keep up with the maintenence (changing the battery door and the infusion set adapter as recommneded
  3. customer support…(animas has excellent support, but so doesn’t accu-chek. fact they tend to go out of their way). Currently accu-chek has an online CSR in this forum who has gone out of his way on a few occasions.
  4. Some of the features on current pumps evolved from the disetronic/accu chek pump… Vibration alerts are one example
  5. Luer-Lock connector for infusion sets
  6. Side mount bolus buttons… You can do a quick bolus by feel… Hold down either one of the two side buttons till it beeps, then click the other button for the increment you set (its usually set at 0.5)…(it will beep each increment) to cancel/reset to 0, hit the button you activated the bolus with again…
    7.Battery life… tend to get at least a month or more out of a alkaline AA battery… it does support rechargables but you must replace them IMMEDIATELY when the warning comes up… unlike the alkaline battery which you have a reserve…
  7. 5 Basal Rate profiles are avalible for use
  8. The reversable display and the 3.15ml cartridge

In general iv been pretty satisfied with this pump, the one gotcha in its currently avalible model (in the US)…
is that you use a PDA to calculate boluses, in addition to a bg meter… However, the PDA software allows you to do some things that you cant do onboard with most pumps… theres ways to set detailed comments on BG readings, as well as ways to set alarms in the software itself… plus the appointment function and logs for A1c’s and such in the software…

I really didn’t have a choice in pumps, due to the cartridge volume issue… and I had a very bad experience with the rep for the “other” company which sells pumps with a similar capacity…

Feel free to drop me a message for other comments…

Hi !

I am using Spirit right now, until I get Combo and it’s great pump. It has 5 profiles + TBR, what is really good is that you have always displayed how many insulin you are receiving and on which profile you are. I can compare it just to Minimed since I used that before (testing)… Spirit has much better display on what is happening at the time, but it lacks CGMS support and it also doesn’t have bolus wizard (Spirit has Bolus Wizard if you use Pump together with Palm device). If you need more info go to http://www.accu-chekinsulinpumps.com/dstrnc_us/rewrite/content/en_US/20.40:40/article/DCM_general_article_29.htm or just http://www.accu-chek.com/

I hope I answered some of your questions.

Wow, thanks sooooooo much Jake and Andy!!! You guys are the best!!! I can’t believe Spirit provides a back up pump!!! My son’s insurance company actually covered a second pump since he has special needs and was having a difficult time with shots after he began getting about 8 - 9 per day. So in the event of a problem, we have one sitting around, and have had to use it.

Seems like when he was first dx’d… I compared different features and this one has this… but that one has that. And when I came across the Animas, it had most of what I wanted. But how I would just love that larger cartridge in the Spirit… only thing is, I would not want his nurse to have to depend on using a separate device to calculate the bolus, although, when she first began, I had her use the pump and a calculator to ensure she had figured it out correctly an accurate bolus amount.

So does the Spirit combo incorporate the calculations into its newer model? Any idea when it will be available in the US? Silly question, but wouldn’t we be able to order from another country… or will US insurance policies not cover the cost for that?

I have to say Animas customer service is outstanding… and that’s very important since it’s my mother, myself, and a nurse sometimes caring for my son, so it’s comforting to know anyone can pick up the phone and get straightforward assistance at any time.

Oh, where do you purchase the Spirit Supplies… directly from AccuCheck? Also, very important question I forgot to ask about the infusion sets… is it a manual insertion, because, if so, forget it!!! The one we use you just click it is and it inserts automatically, then I hook up the pump.

Sorry for so many questions!!! Probably should have posted inquiries separately. If you prefer I do, please let me know and I’ll copy and paste to make it simpler.

Thank you!!!

Thanks again for your responses!!!

Oh, my… i wanted to post another question in a different thread, and cannot seem to figure out how to get back to the main screen to do so. Anyone able to help? I wanted to know what a good A1C is for individuals with diabetes… and if your sugar is under control, does it still show up on a urine dip???

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I’ve used Accu-chek pumps for 20 years and am currently using the Spirit. There is nothing like the peace of mind you get from having a back-up pump. There is an old discussion - here - about pump failures and how pumpers had to temporarily go to shots while waiting the day or so it takes to get a replacement pump. It’s something I don’t have to give a second thought. I have not had to take a shot in 20 years, and I would have no idea how to go back on shots. The very few times I’ve had to go to my backup pump, Accu-chek has sent me a replacement the next day, even when we were on vacation in the British Virgin Islands.

Since day 1, I have used MM infusion sets, too, and you can get the inserter for them. I order the sets, cartriges, IV3000 dressings from Sterling Medical 1-888-239-2990. they’ve been great even when we had Insurance that wasn’t so great. Also the customer care from Accu-chek has been nothing short of fantastic all these years. When I hear of pumpers getting rude comments from customer service from other pump manufacturers, I just shake my head.

You don’t have to use the Palm Pilot, but it does help. When I’m gone for the day, I rarely take it with me, and I just calculate the boluses in my head. Even when you use it you can totally override what it says. The Palm uses infa-red communication to collect all your numbers from the pump and up to 2 Accu-chek Aviva meters, so paper diaries are optional.

let me know if you have any other questions. I know a lot of the Spirit users here. Also Rob, who works for Roche, is a member here who has been very very helpful to us.

Truth be told the Accu-Chek is reasonably water resistant AS LONG AS you make sure to keep up to date changing the battery cover, and the threads holding the infusion set onto the pump … It will take a dunking if everythings in order and rightfully snug… Hopefully soon there will be a Spirit Combo avalible in the US… it is Bluetooth and talks to a glucose meter/carb calculator similar to the idea of the Ping but even nicer :wink:

But as you said, in general i found Accu-Chek to be willing to go out of their way and help with issues… (such as financing)…

I get my supplys from a company named ccs medical.There great and very curtoeus.Pluse they have diabetic educators on staff.

I didnt know it was water resistant. Wow so good to know.

But have you replaced the battery door or the connector holding the cartridge into the pump recently… Oftentimes these arent replaced as much as they should, but they are what give the pump its water resistance… As a trivia fact, did you know the two white dots on the connector that you attach to your infusion set are air vents…

Quoted from a letter I got as an insert to return (of my inserter)…
Accu-Chek Spirit Pump Users: Be sure to change the battery cover after every 4th battery change, and change the adapter (thing that holds the infsuion set to the cartridge/pump) every 10th cartridge change.

Water Resistance: Up to 2.5 m for 60 minutes (IPX 8) if the battery door and connector are properly maintained, and fastened correctly not overtightened or loose as my rep reminded me when I bought it. Almost all current insulin pumps are designed to be water resistant, they just do not want to have to deal with the FDA to be rated waterproof…

The Ultraflex can use an inserter… (which is what i use), you also can use Insets (which come with a self-serter as part of the set itself)… Luer Lock is sort of a standard that most companies, except Minimed use (they use their own propritary connection on their newer/newest pumps)

Hi everyone.

In Portugal pumps are not available for free for everyone. It’s hard to get one. There aren’t health insurances. Nevertheless, insulin is for free and the supplies also.
I have a friend who needs one insulin pump, is on a waiting list for a long time now.
If any of you have a second hand insulin poump, good for use, and no longer needs it, please contact me.
Thank you very much.