Feedback on apidra

dear friends , just in i bought Apidra a insulin glulisine from sanofi aventis . i found it economical .but not used it yet . its a rapid actin insulin . so any users please advise me is it good for use.

Hi Rajesh. I use Apidra for my fast-acting insulin and Levemir for my basal insulin. Apidra works well for many people because it starts working quickly, helping to prevent a spike after a meal, but leaves your system in something like 3 1/2 hours. I like it the best of all the fast-acting insulins.

I use Apidra as my only insulin, in my pump. I switched to it because I had an allergic reaction to Novolog. I’ve used Apidra for a few years and Novolog and Humalog before that. Apidra is reported to work faster than other rapid acting insulins but I have not noticed that. I get good consistent action from Apidra. I like it.

Your report that it is economical leads me to believe that you don’t live in the US. Apidra is fairly expensive but with insurance coverage it is economical for me to use too.

Terry, did you know that Apidra has an offer of "no co-pay" for the duration of 2013? You don't need to pay anything at all! go to their website.Actually, here's the link:

Rajesh - yes Apidra is one of the three fast acting insulins, all of which are good. As Trudy said it's a bit faster acting than the other two. I've used it since 2009 and find it's starting and stopping time fairly reliable.

Since I started Apidra I have hardly any lows because it is in and out of your system so quickly. I love it and no longer struggle with daily low bg's

Zoe - No, I wasn’t aware of this. I’ve seen some remarks about it but I thought it was for people without insurance. I’ll check it out. Thanks.

Hi, I just wanted to reply and say I used Apidra for years in my pump and it worked wonderful for me. It stayed in my system better and I have a lot less lows using it. I had to use it also when my pump messed up and it did very well for me. Hope you like it and I hope it works well for you too. :)

No, the opposite, Terry; it's for people with insurance as it waives the co-pay.

I am on MDI and use Apidra for boluses and corrections. I am very happy with it. It has the fastest response and the shortest tail of any insulin I have used, which makes it ideal for processing high-carbohydrate foods.