Feeling sad... RIP dark angel


We are allowed feelings of sadness ?? …I am soooo sad too JeanV, mine are about … the horrific shootings and bomb blast in Norway .

Oh, yes, nel – Norway and Somalia and Japan and the poor without air conditioning wherever they are in the terrible heat and all the other places and ways in which people are suffering, for example all the diabetics who are cursed to a too-early death due to lack of insulin.

But I also lament that so many talented young people kill themselves with drugs and alcohol. People who are suffering from a fatal addiction have a special place in my heart, not only as a person who is morbidly obese and struggling with food issues, but also because addiction no-doubt contributed to the early death (at 47) of my beloved brother – he was slim, fit and six or seven years clean and sober but he never could quit smoking, a major contributor to kidney cancer.

So much to live for, so many opportunities, but a fatal flaw dragging them under the waves far too soon…