Feet and hands falling asleep

In the last 4 weeks are so, I have been having major trouble with my feet and hands falling asleep. It started with just my left hand while I was sleeping, so its really hard to sleep on my left side, and I’m a side sleeper so now I can only sleep on my right. Then, my right hand started to have problems, but not as severe as the left. Then, my feet and legs started to fall asleep if I sat in a certain position too long. Today, I crossed my legs in a hospital waiting room for less than 15 minutes, after walking to the waiting room, and when I tried to get up, my entire left leg was numb and I nearly fell over. It was incredibly unpleasant.

I googled “limbs falling asleep during pregnancy” and Google said it was a common symptom…towards the end of the second trimester. It also said the symptoms would progress as the pregnancy develops. I’m only 12 weeks pregnant at the moment, and I already cant cross my legs, or sleep on my left side, and I wake up several times in the night with numb hands that I have to pump blood into. I’m starting to get worried. I knew a diabetic mother who had to have dozens of hand surgeries because of complications brought on by the pregnancy, so that is definitely increasing my paranoia. My hba1c was 5.7, which makes me feel marginally better, but still paranoid. Has anyone else experienced your hands and feet falling asleep this early? Is there anything I can do except being super careful about how I sit and sleep?

Hey! So, I started to notice this too in my pregnancy, but my A1C was similar to yours so I didn’t believe it could be diabetes related. Your body is working hard to pump a lot of extra blood around! Basically, I saw a chiropractor regularly and my symptoms went away. I would recommend doing that, and ensuring you are properly supported and aligned while sleeping. Additionally, it could be related to low blood pressure which can occur earlier on in pregnancy (makes some people lightheaded). Staying hydrated may also help - I would recommend something with electrolytes personally.

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Must have something to do with inadequate circulation. Check your blood pressure. Some people get goofy BP during pregnancy. Definitely bring it up to them.

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