Feet falling alsleep

Me again, I always have questions…This one has to do with feet and hands falling asleep. Again, my daughter has had a long time problem with this happening.
i believe that when she wakes up at night it’s due to low sugars, from what i’ve read. But she also has this happen during the day, more with her feet. When i bring this up to the dr or nurse, they don’t believe that it has anything to do with her diabetes. Does anyone else have this happen?

Hi Tara, I don’t have any ideas for you about the tingling feet, but my son does have a strange compulsion to chew! It started at the hospital, right after diagnosis. He would get very fidgety and say, I need to chew something!! So now he chews sugar free gum when he gets the urge. It’s very strange (to me!) and I have even caught him chewing on his sleeve at times. Our diabetes team has never heard of this. Someone once suggested it could be a stress response?? It’s hard isn’t it? Now every little thing they do seems like it is probably tied to diabetes. I wish we knew for sure.
Here’s hoping someone out here has some answers for you :slight_smile: