Fighting Diabetes For 9 Years Now!

Hello fellow Delta Warriors! Today, on this date 9 years ago I was drafted as D warrior. It was on this morning that I woke up so sick, feeling dizzy and began to start throwing up. Felt like it was never going to end. My wife was concern of my situation. She helped me put some cloths on. Assisted me down the stairs to our vehicle for the trip to the emergency room. It was there at the emergency room that I learned that I was a type 2 diabetic. The last 9 years has had its ups down working daily to maintain and control this enemy. This past spring, the enemy almost got the best of me. I fought back with the help of new doctor. Come to find out I am actually a brittle type 1, instead of a type 2. Started on insulin, and changed my diet plan. Things are working the best for me now. As of today my 30 day average hit 110. That is the very, very best blood sugar levels I have seen since the beginning of this war! Have Great Day, fellow Delta Warriors, keep marching on, together we all can win this war with diabetes.

welcome to tudiabetes
i'm with you
we will win
t 1 since 1936

Congrats on getting your average at such a great point!