Finally, a new GOOD doctor!

I was dx’d with type 1 just after my 15th birthday in 9th grade. Almost 9 years ago. Up till last year I was still seeing the same pediatric endo I had always been seeing because she was AMAZING. They finally kicked us (there were a bunch of us over 18 still seeing her) out of the children’s hospital last August (so a year ago). I was so sad! Went to a few adult endocrinologest around where I live and I hated them all, or something they did pissed me off. I thought I was never going to be able to find a good endo.

Then, a few friends (diabetic friends) said they had a great doctor, who has type 1 himself! He isn’t an endocrinologest he is an internal medicine doctor. But they can treat diabetes as well. I went to him this after noon and loved him! yay! I now have a doctor again! After a year! It is a relief, and its nice having a doctor who knows exactly what it is like to deal with type 1 diabetes everyday?!?!?

got lab work done, just gotta wait a week or so now for those results (a1c, kidney function, thyroid etc.). Not worried though.

I am just thankful and excited I have a doctor now.

That’s good news Brooke. It is indeed very important to be comfortable with your physician. Someone that not only gives you sound professional advise but also someone who you can trust and talk with easily.
When I was first diagnosed, I thought I had the worst doctor in the world. He didnt really care, he wasnt informative, plus he scared the hell out of me that I had nightmares of amputations, going blind and passing away. Thank God I found a very good doctor now who has been taking care of me for more than a year now.