Finally friday! Random rambles

And I survived doing the laundry! Finished about 1h ago. The stairs up and down was a killer though… But now everything is nice and clean, myself included because I’ve just gotten out of a relaxing bubble bath :smiley: The weather is finally better here now, so today I can go outside and do everything I should have done yesterday! Trying to gain some energy to do everything by drinking a double Cappuchino! Hope the caffeine will keep me going for a while at least. I’m not just going to my nearest grocery store today, it’s too small. I’m heading into town for some grocery shopping. Takes about 10 minutes by bus to go to the bigger grocery store which is in a shopping mall. So if I have the energy to, I’ll probably take a look in some other shops too hehe
Next week the test results will come. I’m really hoping it will show SOMETHING. I know my after meal readings are way too high for a non diabetic. But since there hasn’t been a glucose tollerance test done, the doctor hasn’t seen it with his own eyes, yet anyways. I did tell both the doctor and the nurse that it takes barely nothing to send me up to 10 (180) and still be well over 8 (144) two hours after meals. It’s not terribly high, but it’s too high, and my body tells me so too. Before all this started, I’d always be below 7 (126) at the 2h mark, and maybe just spiked at around 8 (140). And I’d be between 4.2 and 4.9 a lot (75-88).
Oh well, at least I’m not going to drive this weekend! I don’t even have access to a car now since the car is back at my parents place. I wouldn’t want to drive anyways. Too tired, and it’s too expensive to drive anyways. And I have my monthly car for public transport which cost me about 330 dollars per month and covers a pretty big area, so if I don’t want to just be at home, I can just take the bus or train somewhere. Might go over to Copenhagen to spend some time with my cutie sometime during the weekend.
Going up to my parents again in a couple of weeks, over the last weekend in August. One of my aunts is holding a family party which at first was supposed to be a traditional crayfish party, but changed into going together everyone to a buffet restaurant before going back to their summerhouse to have cake and stuff like that. My aunt’s husband is turning 60 later this year, and one of my cousins will be 25 in early september, so they’re going to be celebrated that weekend. But don’t worry about the cake and that. My aunt is a type 2, and another aunt has a boyfriend who is type 2 aswell, so if I’m diabetic too, I have a feeling all the home made things will be having less sugar at least since there are 2 with type 2 there. Could always be fun to have a small challenge who will have the best 2h reading too lol

rambling rambling rambling… Now my coffee is finally cold enough to drink without burning my tongue, and still warm enough to still taste good! My head is getting a bit cloudy too now I feel…

Hey Jennie,

Sorry I haven’t checked in lately but, I work 2 full time jobs and volunteer with an ambulance service too. It has been a rat race week if you know what I mean. Sounds like you have a great attitude and only buying the time left to get your reports. I think you have a better grip on things than your doctor does and you also have some family that can help you too. I hope you have a great weekend and dont forget to have some fun and relax. Try to forget your diabetes for a little while. Sometimes that does help. You know that famous saying that we all need to say sometimes, “What the heck?” It does help even if it is for only an hour or two.

Take Care and Have a wonderful weekend.----------------Lana