So what is happening to you today

Lots of stuff going on with the site and all those issues!!!
Just a thought so this weekend lets talk about what is going with you today.,
Tomorrow I am going to a gallery opening for artist that I have sponsored.
Soccer games or birthdays. Life as a person with diabetes.

Work was interesting as I got some things done. Tonight we had my daughter’s H.S. Dance team showcase and I can’t watch the “senior solos” without losing it. It is very dusty in there! Now it’s onto a hockey game!

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After a slow start (watching Married at First Sight), am in my office doing some accounts archiving… my fellow home owner is supposed to share some of our expenses, and hasn’t for a long time - so I’m compiling and will present him with my request… I live in the house - he doesn’t - so he doesn’t see any urgency… but I could do with some extra cash…

Taking the kids to see Peppa Pig tonight. Looking forward to Mummy-daughter time.

Eating tums…

Am at my highest weight point in more than 10 years! Just seem to be packing it on. (4 kg in the past 6 weeks or so - before which I’ve been pretty stable for the last 7 or so years, pregnancy aside) … going to be do or die time soon…

I’m dealing with a migraine, first time I have ever had to take a narcotic for a headache! It’s kicked in now so I’m ok on that front. :smile:
I’m also having a low right now. Can’t figure out why. Might have something to do with 3 hours of shopping…or the medication. Who knows. I don’t really care at this point. All I know is Monster Energy is my friend.
My youngest has her prom tomorrow. So happy yet so sad at the same time. Where did the time go? It seems only yesterday I was putting her on the bus for her first day of school. :blush:
I will definitely have to remember to lower my basal tomorrow. We’ve got nails and hair to get done, I’m sure there will be last minute OMG moments, and then the date night with my hubby. The weekend hasn’t even started and I’m ready for Sunday night and Game of Thrones. lol

Rain is forecast today, Saturday, but started off warm and sunny, so my daughter and I went out to find somewhere we could have an al fresco coffee. Yumm, we went to the best coffee and cake place in the Swan Valley, lovely home made Italian cakes and the best coffee ever.
Daughter insisted it was Mother’s Day, and although I am pretty sure it is next Sunday, I went along with her theory, not missing out on the goodies.

Today my mom would have been 93, so I’ll be picking up flowers to place by her stone (nice artificial). Lilacs, she loved lilacs…I’ll add some pink flowers in there. Pink was her favourite colour :heart:
As well, dropping off cupcakes at church for the bake sale. Going to the farmer’s market for our first time this year…looking forward to that, a seasonal rite of passage (along with allergy meds)!
After that, shopping for shoes and sandals and picking up some groceries. Might tackle some report cards in the evening…or not.
We people with diabetes are a busy lot :slight_smile:

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Feeling frustrated that I failed to go in to the shelter to walk dogs for most of this week. I really meant to go today, but less than an hour left before they close. :disappointed:

Continuing to wonder how long to wait for the rhubarb roots & raspberry plants I purchased to sprout before going to the “It’s dead, Jim!!” place.

Thinking if I don’t start those tomato & pepper & basil seeds like now, today, this evening, it might never happen. :persevere:

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Baseball game :baseball: , softball game​:tennis:, track practice :runner: , and now on our way home from NYC after seeing the Spring Spectacukar at Radio City which was, indeed, spectacular. :dancers:

Wow - what a productive day, @Linda_G!!

Your day wasn’t to shabby either.

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I should be clear - I attending those athletic events of my children - I did do any of them! lol