Finally I Am Home

Hi Everyone,
I want you all to know that i am so deeply grateful for all the loving support, caring and prayers i received from everyone. You have all meant more to me than any words I can say. You gave me the strength and the courage I needed and I knew you were all with me.
The heart, lung and kidney problems I have were all started long before I became diabetic. And i want everyone to know that even though we are diabetic we can make it through bad times just fine all together. Together we can do anything !!!
I was able to go into this because i was no longer afraid. You each wrapped me up in your loving care. And that means that none of us has to ever go through anything alone. You sent many prayers for me and God heard all of you. He took care of everything. I know that no matter how many tests or procedures or whatever I have to do from now on, there is nothing I cannot get through. Together we made it. I will not have any more surgery now, but i will not be afraid of anything anymore.
From the bottom of my heart I send all of you my love and thanks and prayers that you be at ease. We can do anything together and come out fine.
Blessings be to all of you.

Thank God Saundra…! this is such a wonderful news…

God is Good! I am glad to see you are well.


Hi Saundra,

Welcome home! So happy to know you’re feeling well enough to let everyone know you’re ok. We’ll all continue to pull for you. Been thinking about you.

Your positive & wonderful attitude & spirit are an inspiration to us all!

Be well, rest & heal.

Hello Saundra: :o)

It’s sooo Great to see you home. You’ve been sooo Brave. You’re just Amazing! I’m Happy that you weren’t scared. That’s the way we all like to see it. Manny said that you’re stuck with us. Oh Goodness…I had to laugh at that comment. I guess stuck like glue. I hope that’s okay with you. ;o)
Thank you…I feel at ease. Many Blessings for a safe and speedy recovery, Girl. Much Love and lots of Hugs!!

I thank God for sending you back to us,well,full of love.Welcome Saundra,your kindness glow

SO good to see that you are back!!! You were so close in our thoughts!!

Hello Saundra,

I’ m glad to see you are back but I never had any doubt. Together we are strong. Get well!!

I’m really glad to see you back and that it went well for you…stay strong!! :slight_smile: xx

WELCOME HOME. That is such GREAT NEWS! So glad everything went well. No wonder there is a bright sun outside my window as I am getting back on my feet. You will continue to be in our thoughts and PRAYERS. Take CARE. talk to ya soon. When you feel like it i am here if you wanna chat.He does work MIRICLES JUST BELEIVE! diabeticidol94

YAY!!! So good to have you back, amiga!! :smiley:

Goosebumps. I am soooooo happy to see you post, I was worried about you. I am soooo glad things are improving.

Wow Saundra - I have been wondering how things were going. Please keep us updated.
We love you!!!