New Member Today!

On July 18th, I got out of the hospital after a week of DKA. I have decided that I need to find local support of the non medical form. This group seems to be a great place for info and idea sharing.

I think that you found the right place Julie! Diabetes is SO much easier when you know you are not alone! You are NOT alone!!!

I joined this site just recently and am really enjoying it. I was in need of support and it is so nice to talk to people who understand. Welcome Julie!

Welcome to the family. I think you will find that this is such a great resource for support and to help answer questions. I know that I have learned quite a bit in the year or so I have been a member.

Welcome Julie! I just became a member back in July and have found TuDiabetes a great source. The people are great and I have found after 17yrs, there is still so much to learn.

Hey! great to meet you. I have been on both sides of the DIABETIES ! LIFE. in the 70s when my brother was dx at a ealy age. And then I too was now faced in the 90s later on in life. But on the brighter side of this road. There have been so many MEDICAL! breakthourghs like Insulin Pumps that my brother and I are on. And cgms which my brother loves. Thats my next MISSION TO ACCOMPLISHED CGMS. Not! saying its a PARTY! doing this 24/7 365 days a year.I am just saying its a Major Adjustment beats countless MDIS. and till that cure comes around it is my whole new world till all MY BROTHER AND MY DREAMS AND OTHERS COME TRUE! if only one of i could get the cure because of money issues. I step a side and say its all yours. I will wait. Take care and god bless ya. If you ever wanna chat let me know.

We’re glad you’ve found us! It’s the most amazing community, full of people who are living rich, joyous, incredibly frustrating lives. :wink: Hopefully our combined experience and support will help keep all of us active in our own care and out of the hospital in the years to come.