Finally...the babe has arrived!

Hi All, just a quick post for now, but our little Sophia Rose made her grand entrance on 10-14-10 after two days of labor and an ultimate decision to birth her by c-section. I developed pre-eclampsia virtually the day I went into labor, though the BP was an issue for weeks… it made things quite complicated, and the recovery in hospital way more trying than I’d thought. However, we’ve been home for two nights and we are learning quickly about each other, and what is becoming our new “normal”.

She is dreamy. Born at nearly 21 inches long, a full head of brown hair, and 7 pounds 15 ounces, she ended up in NICU for a couple days because of NOTHING diabetes related (I think). :-) She had a high hematocrit, which they watched a while and then intervened to "fix". After that our next challenge was to learn to breastfeed and get her off of fluids in the NICU so she could go to the regular nursery. We figured it out 'enough' to bust her out of there, and have spent every day since perfecting the art. Because of all the intervention and junk with her, she did lose a bunch of weight, but is now gaining it back. She's absolutely amazing.

My sugars during the hospital stay (after delivery) were near perfect, tho I had little appetite. SOme lows as I tried to get readjusted to life without pregnancy. I am bearing in mind now to be sure to have quick sugars handy (juice boxes, etc) when and where i breast feed as this is often driving my sugars down too.

Otherwise we are well and tired and happy, and soaking up every minute. Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive during this very much wanted pregnancy, and best of luck to those who are embarking on their own or hoping to. Though she has been here less than a week, it's already so totally worth it. Seriously. :-)

CONGRATS! Welcome to the world Sophia Rose. Beautiful name. It’s my daughters name too. Well Sophia is. lol Enjoy!

She is precious.

I’m thrilled to hear your happy news! :slight_smile: What a sweet, precious, beautiful baby girl!!! Congratulations to you and your family, Tziporah!!! What a lucky little girl to be part of such a loving family! I adore her name…my daughter’s middle name is also Rose. :slight_smile: I’m glad you’re doing well! Are your BPs back to normal now? How is your recovery from the c-section going?

Warmest Wishes,
T1 for 30 years
Mama to 3 kiddos under the age of 2 1/2! :slight_smile:

Congratulations Tziporah! What a lovely little girl! I´m glad you are back home now and enjoying every minute of it. All the best in this new adventure! I´m still on my personal journey to motherhood, 5 months now…and I can´t wait to have my little boy in my arms! Blessings to you and all your family.

Congratulations Tziporah!!! I welled up with tears just reading your post. I’m glad that you are filled with joy and thanks for sharing about the struggles!

It’s always good to hear that these bundles of joy are worth the amazing amount of effort that we put into them!

OMG Wow CONGRATS! That is so exciting. I’m glad you and baby are doing ok. Enjoy mommyhood!

congratulations – what an BEAUTIFUL baby girl!!! so glad to hear that she is healthy, back home, and you two are getting to know each other. keep us updated! :slight_smile:

Mazal Tov Tzipora! Happy to here she’s born at normal weight and doing fine. My due date is exactly 3 months from now and I’m already nervous about the complications that may be (hope not) on the way. All the best to you and other expectant moms.

Couldn’t be happier for your family, Tziporah! Congrats on her safe arrival. Please keep us updated as time allows! LOVE YOU!!! (and can’t wait for a photo!)

Sophia! you’re here! Congrats, mommy, I’m so happy for your happy, healthy and successful pregnancy and pretty little girl! :slight_smile:

thanks everyone! she is a total dreamboat, and i have had some interesting reflections this week since she’s arrived… though EVERYTHING is new and a new learning, I am seeing that diabetes and balancing its needs with hers will be challenging. my appetite isn’t back to full steam, so i eat less, and my basals are still being tweaked back to something more functional now that i’m not dosing for two. i also seem to need less than before pregnancy for my carb ratios, and perhaps my correction factor, too. will see what the endo has to say. but i’ll admit I delayed reinserting my CGM while in hospital and recovering from the c-section mostly because of swelling and generally feeling “ick”, and while I’m glad it’s back in now giving me all kinds of useful data, once I began to build my days around her and her needs, it definitely seemed more of an afterthought. i test religiously still, which is important, but some of what has seemed like “extras” have slowed down. I figure I’ll find that balance again soon, and it’s only been a week, but I know I can’t let diabetes take a backseat no matter how precious this little girl is, and no matter how compelling a bid she makes for my complete and undivided attention every moment, whether she’s even awake or not. :slight_smile:

I think Lyrehca needs to write a brand new book completely dedicated to life after delivery, though I know she dedicated some space to it in her book already… i’d read that one during our middle of the night feeds, for sure! :slight_smile:

thanks Pam! nope, the BPs aren’t back yet… on a bunch of meds which my OB thinks I may end up needing for a while, or perhaps eventually will need some kind of maintenance BP meds. I figured as much, given my family history of BP issues plus the diabetes. Manageable, for sure. I hear it may take weeks for the pre-eclampsia stuff to clear, but gladly i have my feet, ankles, and legs back! (those tree trunks and cankles were unsightly and uncomfortable post-c-section!)

Surgery recovery has been a breeze, knock on wood. Clean incision, no pain or discomfort, though I am taking it easy still (no lifting, driving, running marathons…you know, that sort of thing). While I didn’t wish for a c-section, I’m kind of glad I got it, and glad to think that if we choose to, and if we’re blessed with becoming pregnant a second time, I’ll use “call ahead seating” for a section, and be in and out with babe in arms much earlier (and with less drama). I joked to my OB yesterday that maybe we wouldn’t even have to pay for parking if it’s really that fast! :slight_smile:

thanks for all the support and words of encouragement!

so. totally. worth it. :slight_smile:

thanks Valeria! I hope only the best and smoothest for you and your little boy now and in the coming months!

:slight_smile: thanks! we named her for members of both sides of our families who have passed away, as is the Jewish tradition. Sophia is my husbands great grandmother (and incidentally the name of the divine feminine, and meaning wisdom!) and Rose is my father’s mother, and also my mother’s grandmother. :slight_smile: she is indeed divine, and wise, and a perfect little flower.

:slight_smile: thanks, and good luck with your impending delivery! i know how eagerly you’ve been awaiting this moment! congrats to you and yours, too! :slight_smile: many wishes for a safe, healthy, and speedy arrival, and recovery!

thanks Natasha! :slight_smile:

it has been my experience that there is no shortage of things to worry about, and those of us who “worry in advance” will never be without stuff to add to the list. i found that the little bumps kind of showed up regardless of my worries, or not, and each of them has been totally manageable. I think the key for me has been having the right team assembled (my husband, my family, docs, support folks, dear friends, etc) and knowing that I can trust them to spring into action as I needed them to. Besides, I sure have done my prep work, and homework, to get ready, so if and when the complications came, I knew I had done my best. And will. Every day. :slight_smile:

Good luck to you in the coming months!

:slight_smile: Thanks Melissa! As you know I am forever in YOUR debt for so many little things along the way… you are such a source of goodness and support, and you have helped me far more than you know! here’s a pic (tho you may have seen it on FB already…). Bailey, BTW, is to die for… :slight_smile: what a love!

Thanks Kathy! We can’t believe she’s finally on the outside! I also am thrilled with how relatively “normal” pregnancy was, and how smooth it all went. Just awesome. Hopefully it’s as smooth for everyone else here too…