Emily Faith has arrived

I'm a bit late posting this but things have been insane since Emily's birth on Nov. 9th. She was born via C-section at 38weeks and weighed in at 10lbs 5oz and 21inches. She's got the chubbiest cheeks ever.

There were a few complications. Her blood sugar was below 10 despite the fact that my BG was amazing the last month of pregnancy. They can't explain to me exactly why but she was on a glucose drip for 4 days before we were released. We were then readmitted to the NICU 3 times after that for prolonged Jaundice. They were only recently able to tell me that it was due to Gilbert's disease which her dad was recently diagnosed with. They kept telling me that it was because she was big and I was diabetic.....which ended up being totally untrue but thanks for making me feel like crap. The breastfeeding didn't go as well as I had hoped and I ended up pumping and bottle feeding breastmilk for about 5 weeks until my supply dwindled to nothing. It's disappointing but at least I got to try this time around. All that skin-to-skin was great bonding time for Emily and I.

The jaundice is finally cleared up and she's home for mommy, daddy and big sister to adore. I have to say this was definitely a very different experience than my previous pregnancy. Regardless of the experiences I am blessed with two healthy and beautiful daughters who are both worth the work that it took to maintain good BGs.

congrats! She's a beauty :)

Thanks for sharing your experience and the pic, Nancy! She is adorable!

Congratulations! You must be so happy!


Congratulations!!! She is beautiful!!

Thanks Ladies. I still can't believe she's already 2 months old!!!