Finally got to run in shorts outside for the first time this year! Temp was about 39 with a pretty brisk wind but it was really sunny so I said what the heck. We got about 4" of snow over night but most of it melted by the time I ran later in the day. There have been a couple of days where I probably could’ve gone in shorts but it was raining or something. Didn’t get much of a January thaw at all here in SE MI. Spring is only a week away!

I’m across the lake in the Chicago suburbs and am in the same situation! Yesterday my car said it was in the low 40s on the way home but I went w/ long pants as I didn’t get going until 4:30 and the sun was fading so I figured it would cool off. I had a great run anyway. I had one shorts day a few weeks ago that was nice, except for the blinding glare from my pale legs. Last winter, the weather/ ice/ snow conditions were a lot more condusive to running outside but this year it was dreadmill city and my legs are ready for the great outdoors!!

I tried a treadmill at the end of 2009, hurt my foot on the second time on it and never went back. After 25 years of running I don’t mind the cold, it just gets tiring when it runs on for so long.

I don’t mind the cold that much either however this year we had ice that shut running outside down for several weeks and then the monster snowstorm. in the suburb where I live the city does a great job plowing/ salting the paved trail by the river but you can’t run there b/c the sidewalks are not plowed and the streets all were narrowed by the 10’ high drifts for like 3-4 weeks. I loathe the treadmill. I managed some 8-10 mile runs, mostly by watching basketball (“ILL-NIT”) but it leaves me pretty creaky.

It will be 77 this afternoon (59 this am) in Dallas. Such a pretty, sunny day. Wish it would stay like this until August!