Ok so I’m trying to take “babysteps” I started by checking my blood sugars (which I haven’t done i months) and as I suspected they were bad 272 that was at bed time, fasting in the morning was 250, took Januvia ate breakfast, 254. Was feeling like my sugars were low by the time afternoon rolled around, it was 156. I guess my body is so used to having highg sugars that it thought 156 was low. I didn’t do good today at all though. Haven’t checked my sugars (i’m afraid to) we are running low on food in the house and we STILL haven’t heard anything back from the state to see if we can get foodstamps or not. Jeremy (my hubby) just started his new job so it will be a while before we get a full paycheck. Anyway thats all a different story! I guess the point to this is I took a small step. Once some more money rolls in I can get into my doctors and get put on something more for me. Ok well thats it for now, my brain feels scrambled right now. My head hurts.

Good for you for taking the first step!

Thanks guys for your encouragment! It’s just hwat I need. :slight_smile: