Finding a sensor site

too often i will put a sensor in a spot that bleeds profusely, so much that the sensor will not stick and then it swells and bruises does any one have any suggestions about choosing sensor sites

Hi Dave

Where have you tried so far? I find that I can put my sensor in the “dip” of where my abs meet my ribs. I have a gully there. It’s really muscular, but in that gully it seems to be really consistent readings and matches my BG meter too.

For some reason this only works on my right side. I’ve been having trouble on my left side (same thing as you, bruises, bleeding, pain, even a bent sensor needle!)

Basically, I know the instruction manual says to put in the stomach area, but I don’t put mine there. Mine’s more on my ab muscles. On the stomach, it rubs against my skirts and dresses too much and I get irrated skin and inconsistent BG readings.

Other than that, I’ve heard people put sensors in the upper thigh (not the muscle tissue!) but I haven’t tried that. The sensors are usually only approved for use in the abdomen, but I think that’s because it is less likely to get rubbing from clothing, etc.

I’ve heard sensors getting put on the lower back tissues too, but I haven’t tried it.

I have the same problems. I did read somewhere that if you hold pressure on the sensor for a few minutes it makes the bleeding stop. Also, my diabetes educator said to change the sensor insertion angle and try it again… still trial and error though. I did wear it on my lower back…worked ok, but a pain to check/change/pull off.

thanks. i 'll try that

This happend to me once. I have the best luck on the side of my stomach right under the ribs. No bleeding, out of the way and easy to insert.

Depends on you. I injected for years in hips & stomach so it ended sore & unreliable. .Now I have pump its a vast improvement. My nurse advised trying legs for sensor, it works brilliantly, easier than reaching round to my hip. then I put pump in hip or stomach.