First aid kit plus diabetic supplies in it

My friend Rick and I were at KMart the other day. We found these little 36 piece first aid kits that are in a mini backpack. I was looking more closely at them and discovered there is enough room for the “essential” diabetic supplies. I attached a picture of the size of the backpack, plus everything I have in it. It has a clip on it so you can attach it to a purse, bag, jeans etc. Sometimes I get tired of carrying my big diabetic bag with me and wish I could make it smaller so this works perfect. It has all the original first aid supplies, plus meter, strips, lancet, 2 syringes, spare infusion set (I insert infusion sets manually), spare resevoir, in the front pocket, I have a tube of glucose tablets and a tube of cake icing. I also attached a picture of what is in it right now.
8371-DSCI0012.JPG (1.39 MB)

the tag on it says besmart get prepared, it was in the aisle with bandaids and stuff in it.