Rant: Must Everyone Leave So Many Sweets Lying Around This Time of Year?!

I can feel the Grinch coming on.

On the direct route from my car to my cubicle this morning, there were three open tins of holiday cookies. A vast tray of “festive goodness,” oozing corn syrup and heavily dusted with powdered sugar, at the color print station. Chocolate-dipped pretzels by the copier. M&Ms, Chex mix, and who-knows-what-carb-source temptation on the second floor.

Must. Keep. Chanting. …Won’t taste that good … Not worth the carbs … People with germs have touched them …

I agree!

When I actually worked in the office I passed items such as the ones you mentioned several times during the holidays. When they gave me the opportunity to work at home I jumped at the chance.

I really don’t think the non-diabetic members of society realize what it is like to have to pass those items every day knowing if you take one bite you risk damaging your health.

we should make some form of awareness for the others!

I agree with you about the chanting. I have a friend that I work with and if there is something in our teacher’s lounge that is really good (oozing with sugery goodness) she will ask "is there dirt in it or does it taste bitter?
I do also agree that Holidays seem to be the hardest times to be a good diabetic. REALLY…HARD!!!

Why don’t they put out money or flowers? Those things wouldn’t mess up our blood sugars!!!

…and the money part would be more lucrative. hehe :slight_smile:

The “people with germs” thing might work for me. I don’t believe myself that they won’t taste that good, and although I will become diabetic fairly if I keep this up (she says, having just scarfed down 3 chocolate covered peanut-butter thingies, oooouuugh), I’m not yet there so the carbs part doesn’t resonate. But I’ll try to get my inner germ-o-phobe into the mix.

Someone just gave me a holiday card and a lotto ticket–no calories, hooray!!

Those things look a lot better than they taste to me now. I can’t even eat a bite of a candy bar anymore, all that stuff tastes like solid blocks of sugar, so sweet that the other flavors and textures are completely obscured. I suppose it is for the best.

I’m starting to really, really appreciate the people who send cheese & crackers, because at least if I overdo it on that stuff, I don’t feel sick to my stomach. But the silver lining of all the sugar excess this past week is that it has given me a LOT of incentive to follow through on my decision to cut out sugar altogether for the new year. Yesterday, as I passed all the cake/cookies/chocolate-dipped pretzels in the call center, I had no desire for the sugar at all–just felt faintly nauseated by it. Which isn’t to say I didn’t indulge on Christmas goodies at home today, but probably a lot less than I would have. As of Jan 1 I’ll be sugar-free…

Some of my co-workers bring in all their sweets so they won’t get fat. I told one of our doctors I really appreciated him sending us a cheese tray instead of candy and cookies.