Met my endo :)

So I finally got to see my endo yesterday. Visit went good he decided to put me on janumet he thinks it will help since my body is still making a little bit of insulin. But he's pretty sure I'm type 1. My mom is driving me freaking nuts though..she's alway's been on me that I need to eat better and exercise because that will "help" with me diabetes. The Dr. even told her no it's not gonna change anything but she's still convinced that my number's will be better if I do that....yeah it might help a little but I'm not gonna want to change anything if I keep getting pressured about it...I wish she would just quit bugging me about shes on me because I just started taking antideppressants (wellbutrin) and she thinks I shouldn't be on that either cuz exercise would help my mood...first of all i've been actually diagnosed as having major depressive disorder..and second, she was the one that suggested I get on the antidepressants at first! she's all changing her mind and stuff...grr I think she needs help... ANYWAYS, sorry I had to get that off my this new endo ordered me some blood work..he want's to check my thyroid...and he's making me get an ultrasound of my neck...interesting i never knew you could get one of your neck! not really looking forward to more bloodwork...but I gotta do what I gotta do..OH and I'm finally getting my new pump on thursday :) It's gonna be a pink one...I can't little girl is excited too lol she keeps asking "mommmy when are you getting your pink insulin pump!!???" lol so thats all for now...

I'm surprised your doctor would agree with you that eating better and exercising would not help you with your diabetes. I find behind taking insulin and testing blood sugar eating well and exercising improves my control.

I think he ment that it wasn't going to cause my diagnosis to change that my body still wouldn't make insulin even if i do exercise/eat right...

Gotcha..yeah it's not going to reverse the disease.

Sounds like a positive visit in the end Shayla! Do you know what he's testing for with the bloodwork? Does it include antibodies?

I'm sure your mom is doing her best, and I totally get why it's driving you nuts! Try not to take it in, maybe say something like thanks for your opinion, and move on.

I love my pink Ping ;)

he's testing a lot of stuff.. my thyroid, c-peptide (even though I already got that done...) another test that i was supposed to get and they messed up.. (that was on my last blog..) lol I'm just glad they are testing...unlike my last dr. who didn't think I needed any testing at all...

Great to hear your new Endo visit went great. BTW, I agree with Mom on the diet, exersize thingy ;) I'm sure your Endo would too, they tend to not lecture on that and I think they should. At least in my case, as I've had ups and downs on both in my life, and the "ups" (as in weight and food intake) never did me any good. Last week I started a new effort on the "down" idea. Re-joined Weight Watchers. Anyway, Mom's are great at worrying as I'm sure you're well aware of being a Mom, and a great one it sounds like, just like your Mom. Have fun with the pink pump!

thanks scott :) I know my mom is just worried about me but i just have this thing where I don't want to listen to her..the more she harps the more I don't want to do what she says....stupid I know...but it's a mental thing I just can't get over..I have been eating a little better lately..and once this heat dies down I'm gonna start going for we'll see... one step at a time!

I'm glad it went well, you have really struggled with this. Your endo still sounds a little confused putting you on Janumet, a drug not recommended for type 1. But at least he is giving you the tests that you need and hopefully you will get the care and treatment you deserve.

yeah i was wondering about the janumet too but I guess he thought it would help since my body is still making a little bit of insulin...I guess we'll see in a month or so if it helps...if not im getting the hell off of it...I really hate swallowing pills... yuck lol