First Post

Well today is another day learning to help my daughter to live with diabetes. I have called the Dr.'s office to get the referal date for the Pedi Endo and found out that he did not even put it in his notes. Oh well she is going to make it now. It just means that it will be longer for us.
Last Friday my daughter went to practice after school (they get out at 1:30 pm) and started to practice w/out eating lunch. I have recently added unlimited texting so that she can text me her numbers (in case I have to call the dr.). I did not hear from her. I called her and asked her why. She said that her platoon leader did not want them to do lunch so that they could get out of practice early. I replied with Absolutely NOT. I told her to tell the girl that she HAS to eat lunch. If she doesn’t then she risks running low or something else. DRAMA Long story short: She didn’t want to tell her, I emailed the teacher and nurse. The nurse emailed me back, but teacher never did. Teacher talked w/daughter and said that she needed to take the time to eat. (From daughters mouth) Emailed nurse back with concerns. She spoke with teacher, he said that he told daughter she needed to assert herself and communicate that she needed to eat…etc. SO that is solved for now. I told daughter she needs to take lunch on friday to avoid whole situation

IT was recommended to me that we need to get a 504 plan in place for things like this. I think at least we need to have a Medical Plan in place. For my sanity and her safety. She will be traveling with said teacher (who happens to be type2) on competition dates. I would love to be ok with her going and me not having to tag along being that I have 2 other small children (she is 14, 2nd is 21/2 and 3rd is 7 mo). Sorry for the vent, just thought that I would start utilizing this part of this service to vent and talk about some things.

I think that the unlimited texting is a good idea! I know some other parents have prepared info sheets about diabetes for teachers and coaches. Perhaps you could use those or click here to get some info sheets about type 1 diabetes from Juvenille Diabetes Research Foundation. Maybe you should print some of this info for her teachers and coaches.

And click here for some tips on diabetes in school.

That’s a great idea. Actually it seems (with the school nurse’s help) that the teacher was meaning for my DD to be more communicative with people about her needs. Which is good. However I don’t think that she took what he said that way. So I spoke with her last night. So hopefully she will start comunicating her needs better. It will take some time because we are all new at this. I think sometimes she forgets that she is even more special now and needs to let some people know her needs.