First recipe

This one is delicious and Very low in carbs.
mixed meat rissoles. ( a rissole is and old fashioned kind of burger)
1/2 pound ground pork
1/2 pound ground beef, meats should not be too lean
I egg.
1 teaspoonful salt.
1 small onion, finely chopped
1 clove garlic crushed or teaspoonful garlic paste
few tablespoons good oil
Mix all ingredients very thoroughly. (you can use a processor)
form the mixture into about 8 evenly sized balls.
flatten balls and put on greaseproof paper on platter in fridge For an hour ( time isn’t critical)
heat oli in pan
fry rissoles gently until first side is brown; turn and cook on other side. If you stab with a skewer, and juices run colourless, rissole is done about 10 mins on gentle cook.
serve wrapped in a large lettuce leaf or with whatever you fancy.

I made a similar thing yesterday from left overs: I ground up some cooked turkey and some cooked beef and a half slice of bread, bound it with an egg, added some gravy seasoning and fried. Still low carb, quick, cheap and avoids waste.
Can you believe, a TV programme on wasting the food we buy, showed a woman who regularly roasts a chicken at the weekend, serves white meat to her family and throws the rest away? Whilst I am unlikely to become a vegetarian, I am concious that a creature gave its life for my food and I consider the waste of food to be a sin.

she throws the rest away??? OMG that other meat could have been used to make tacos, enchiladas (with low carb tortillias…etc. What a waste. OR soup…ugh

That’s part of the culture of some British people, they don’t know how to cook. Mostly they live on ready meals or take-away or Pizza. Make a bit of effort for Sunday, but don’t appreciate the food. I expect that woman served ready prepared frozen vegetables too.
It’s really only the older womeenlike me( I’m 61) who know how to cook properly.( and economically!)