First run in with D police

Ok this has been bugging me since the other night was a little low at work(wow go figure), and was snacking on a Snickers bar and had a co worker who is a big eater, I have seen him come in and eat whole large pizzas and a 2 liter of soda, well this guy Tells me I shouldn’t be eating a candy bar cause I’m diabetic. I was low enough where if I knew him better I might have snapped at him and sad a few things that could of landed me in HR. But luckily said nothing while I had a chorus of insults about his size and eating habits going off in my head and while maybe a few images of him falling while eating his surplus of food.

I don't mind family and friends asking/reminding me about things, like "Hey Jim you just put real sugar in you coffee" but I am prone to do that by accident but people who I have maybe said 100 words to need to keep their trap shut.

I hate it when that happens.

What we ought to do, if someone hasn’t done it already, is collect a list of handy responses to the diabetic police for multiple circumstances:

Spouse at home
Spouse in public
Co-worker you know well
Co-worker you know barely
Co-worker you know barely who is overweight slob

And like that.


Couldn’t agree more. Welcome to the world of the misunderstood diabetic. We’ve all had those experiences. Some people keep a list of sharp retorts (that won’t land you in the slammer, of course). With people I care about or those who might be open to input, I try and educate them. With many I just walk away. Given what you said about this guy, he probably wants someone he can look down on…like most bigots.

Yeah… had someone today tell me “Diabetes? How is that life changing? All you gotta do is exercise and stop eating crap. Quit smoking and don’t buy that ice cream at the store… and just listen to your doctor.” lol Nevermind that I don’t smoke at all… and that we can eat ice cream, if we want to, thank you very much… Nor that it isn’t as simple as not “eating crap,” cus it all can be crap if it spikes you. lol Nor that doctors most of the time don’t know jack crap about diabetes… heh! So annoying…