First time pumper(Omnipod): Edgepark vs Diabetes Speciality Center?

I'm a new member of tudiabetes and this group. This seems like a wonderful community!

I've been using injections/pens for insulin delivery for the past 20 years and have finally decided to try a pump, and have decided to go with Omnipod.

Saw my endocrinologist/cde last week and they submitted the paperwork to Insulet to verify insurance coverage etc. I received two emails from Insulet (from what appears to be different teams within that company), both informing that my insurance requires me to work with a 3rd party vendor. That was a bit of a surprise because I was expecting(more like hoping) that Insulet would be able to bill the insurance directly, similar to how Dexcom operated when I got the G4 last summer.

Anyhow, one email suggested to work with Edgepark whereas the other one suggested contacting Diabetes Speciality Center. I'm wondering if anyone has used the services of either one of these suppliers and would be willing to share their experience (positive or negative) to help me decide.

Thanks so much in advance,


My insurance company mandated Edgepark as my supplier for Insulet. I too was also hoping that I would be able to work directly with Insulet, but not the case here. I have no experience with Diabetes Specialty Center, but I certainly do with Edgepark. I started pumping in December, and it has been a battle every month to get my pods. A big part of this is that I have a special benefit for Diabetes supplies with my insurance, but it seems that Edgepark cannot get this straight. No matter how many times I talk to them and tell them to check their other insurance screen, they are constantly billing me the wrong thing.

Another word of caution. Make sure they run the correct insurance from the beginning. I felt like they bait and switched me. They told me for a pack of pods monthly it would be $60. This was a major part of my decision to go with OmniPod. Then after I had received and paid for two packs, they came back and said it will now be $300 a box. The rep who quoted me did NOT look into my full insurance benefits AND was quoting me a rate that assumed I had met my deductible which I had not, but they never told me that.

I honestly have had nothing but problems with Edgepark. I wish I could switch. I wish you all the best!

Thank you bluebelle21.

I actually use both. One for pods (Edgepark for near 3 years now) and one for Dexcom (DSC for over 2 years now). I like both just fine actually. Edgepark I reorder online, and they send me reminder email. I'm on auto fill so no bumps. I like that. With DSC, I'm on auto fill, so no bumps to speak of. But the care was pretty great when my transmitter needed replaced, and when my warranty was up. They contacted me and got it started, no bumps.

Thanks KatKat, that's good to know. I've decided to go with DSC, and am expecting to hear back from them in the next couple of days and get things started.

Will post my experience here, in case there are other newbies (like me) who might have a choice of picking a supplier.

Like everything else, I am sure that DSC and EdgePark both have pros and cons, and I have found that much of the experience has to do with who you actually talk to. Some representatives are more knowledgeable than others, and some actually care about their customers while other reps don't. Usually talking to upper management tends to get things done faster than the $8-an-hour person answering the phones.

I don't have experience with DSC, but my insurance also dictates that I use EdgePark. For the most part, I have had very little problems with them. I can order when I want or have them do the automatic orders, and they are good about sending e-mails if it is time to order. I actually went OFF their automatic order because I have houses in two states, and if the auto-order goes through, I run the risk of getting supplies sent to the wrong address. With online ordering or phone ordering, I can tell them which address to mail Pods to, and they have been great. If DSC does not work out for you, I would not hesitate to use EdgePark.

I think that either company will work for you since they both must have experience dealing with Insulet.

Good luck and welcome to Podding. I am sure that you will love it.

I use Edgepark through BC/BS with no difficulty.

Thanks SherryAnn. I really am excited about Podding (that's a new term for me and I like it :).

Update: So I decided to go with Diabetes Specialty Center (DSC) and everything went without a hitch. Desiree from DSC contacted me thru email, and phone, and took care of verifying the coverage with insurance etc.

All I had to to do was electronically sign the authorization form. The PDM and PODs were delivered a week later. Insulet team proactively reached out to me to schedule a training session. I asked if I could get the training from my regular RN/CDE and they were happy to accommodate my request.

Kudos to Desiree at DSC and the folks at Insulet to get me going.

I just completed the 3 day pump trial using saline and am ready to start podding with insulin!


Hi D,
Good thing you went w/DSC, which I know nothing about. Edgepark, on the other hand, has been an unmitigated disaster for me. They cancelled an order because they didn't receive physician's notes, my endo had sent them numerous times. They always claim UHC is responsible for the order holdup and UHC claims it's them. I'm tired of dealing w/both, unfortunately, I'm stuck w/UHC. Do you have contact info for DSC. BTW, you'll love the omnipod!

Sorry to hear that Mike. I'm insured by UHC too and see doctors at Palo Alto Medical Foundation(I'm in SF East Bay), and am very happy with them. Not that it helps you, but mentioning in case it's an anomaly.

Here's the contact info for Desiree at DSC:

Desiree Western
Diabetes Therapy Coordinator

Diabetes Specialty Center
Center of Excellence – Insulin Pump & CGM Technology
A subsidiary of Byram Healthcare

phone: 801-716-8792
phone: 800-775-4372 x68792
fax: 888-457-1277

Hope this helps. Wish you the best!


Thanks! BTW posted a discussion on UHC and Edgepark. Check it out.

I am researching insulin pumps and went to diabetes speciality for my dexcom. I called recently for pricing for pump and was told that the price of the pump go by the billing code so basically all the pump cost the same after deductitable. I have Blue cross of ga. Has anyone found that true? It seems like a good deal