First trimester BG control on MDI - 10 wk update

Hi all!

I wanted to do a little update on here about how my pregnancy and blood sugar is going. I know before getting pregnant I had posted several threads and read a ton because I was so nervous about going through pregnancy with t1d. This might be long winded but I don’t want to forget any details. Just for reference, I am on MDI (Tresiba and Novolog pens) and use a glucose meter.

So far, things have been pretty much normal! Baby had a strong heartbeat at my 8 week ultrasound! So very thankful and relieved for that appointment and ready to go back again! I haven’t had any issues with blood sugar control, aside from needing a bit more insulin. I’ve been very lucky in only battling mild to moderate nausea but haven’t actually gotten sick. Food aversions and nausea were most prevalent weeks 6-8 but now it has eased up. I haven’t had many lows at all; I’m really not sure what weeks most t1d’s experience lows, I’ve read different things. For me though, things have been pretty steady and normal.

I want to also throw out there for anyone thinking about getting pregnant but don’t have a GCM or pump; it is possible to have good, tight control without them. I know I’m not in the later months of pregnancy yet, but I check my sugar (I always have) 8-10 times a day, if not more if I’m more active. I correct if I need to, but I’ve been able to be under 85 fasting, and under 140 two hours after meals (my OB guidelines), and my A1C is 5.3. I was most nervous going into this because so many people told me I can’t do it without those tools, but it is possible. It hasn’t been hard on me, because I’m so used to testing often and correcting anyway; I really think a lot of it has to do with how you know your body and knowing how to control to begin with. I don’t have the option to get those tools because of insurance reasons, so if anyone is in the same boat I want you to know you can do it too!

I go for another ultrasound and bloodwork in two weeks and then we’ll be announcing to everyone! I’m so excited and since we’re getting genetic testing done as well, I was given the option to know the gender early also, which we’re excited about. Genetic testing was for sure happening anyway, so why not know early if I can! I can’t wait. As far as specialists or endos; my OB’s office is fine with me just seeing my primary doc who writes my insulin scripts and such. I actually don’t have a doctor who “monitors” for me. I don’t feel comfortable with anyone telling me what to do with my diabetes, but she is one who I feel comfortable with if I do need help. I make all adjustments myself and she is confident in my self care which is what I needed through this. I know some need more assistance or guidance which is totally fine, but with not having many options near me, I am very thankful that the office is letting me see her instead of their team of endos. I saw an endo in their group prior to becoming pregnant and it was an awful experience (see my endo venting thread). So having my team set up and knowing that I can breeze through this pregnancy without having tons of different docs critiqing my BG managment, really eases my stress. The more I stress about my numbers the more awful they are, but when I can relax and correct as needed, etc. I do just fine.

I was so worried about sever morning sickness, bad lows and just having an awful time. The main thing I’ve battled is fatigue so I’ve been sleeping a ton. I’m so beyond grateful for not having morning sickness like a lot of women do, because I was very scared about extreme BG lows. I’m still keeping an eye out though because one thing I’ve noticed since becoming pregnant is my low symptoms changing. Instead of getting the shakes and things, I’ll just get super nauseous if I drop. That was hard to decifer when I was in my most nauseous weeks, but it seems like my body is leveling out and my low symptoms are starting to get back to normal.

That’s all I have for now and I hope that gives some encouragement to anyone TTC or wanting to, and who are scared. I never, ever thought I would have a baby. For me, so much research and planning about T1D went into this before trying because of my fears but I want you to know that reading and researching is your friend, reaching out via this forum is a great thing to do, and having faith in yourself to have good control is what you need! We’re a lot stronger than we give ourselves cerdit, so don’t focus on the fear too much and know that you can do this too! :slight_smile:


Glad to hear pregnancy is going well for you so far!
I’m about 2 weeks behind you. I’m pretty nauseous all the time but I haven’t thrown up and I mostly have an appetite. My blood sugar control has been pretty good but it’s definitely gotten harder since getting pregnant - I think it’s a combination of paying more attention/trying to maintain stricter levels, but also an increase in insulin needs. Also doesn’t help that all I want to eat is rice and bagels and crackers!


I was right there with you! All I’ve wanted is pizza and comfort food during those nauseous weeks. I have taken more insulin than normal, but I’m just focusing on eating what I can and taking the amount I have to. I have been eating more fruits and veg since my nausea has let up, but not all day long. lol I also crave orange juice which I never drink, so I’ve been bolusing extra for that because I know it’s healthy. Good luck on your journey and I’m glad things are going well for you! It’s definitely different that’s for sure! :slight_smile:

I think it’s crazy that standards are so different anywhere you go.
My endo would NOT allow me to stay on Tresiba while pregnant because “it hasn’t been tested on pregnant women” and was still fairly new so I had to switch to that old 12-hour one and take 2 shots a day (can’t remember the name off hand…prepare yourself now for “mom brain” like that… :confused: )
And I was basically forced into seeing a MFM because I was “high risk.” Which ended up a good thing, as you read my post the other day. But not sure why I needed to see them the entire time, instead of just 3rd trimester on.

As soon as my first trimester lows started hitting me, I told my husband that I don’t know why they don’t allow pregnant type 1’s to use a Dexcom for 9 months for free. I definitely couldn’t have done it without one, but my control is much more up in the air than yours seems to be. Kudos!
I also had very limited awareness of lows. Like “Hm, i feel funny” check sugar, 52! Holy crap!

I bet you’re having a boy. How soon do you get the test results back? That’s odd your insurance covers that genetic testing but not a dexcom! Mine was the opposite. But who can really know all the true reasons behind insurance coverage standards!

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I’m actually not sure if genetic testing is covered or not! We might have to pay out of pocket. :confused: But I’d like to get it done. I’m not going overboard with testing that’s not really necessary, but this one seems common and accurate so we plan to do it. As for my control; I am honestly so surprised it’s not more all over the place. When I went off the pill and had my menstrual cycle, and even while on the pill at times, it was a crap shoot. It would be high then constant lows, and all over the place for a week and a half. Maybe it’s because I’m more on top of testing now or something, but I’m just thanking God it’s been easy so far! I know it will get more resistant later on, but one day at a time.

I’ve had a feeling this whole time it’s a boy but who knows! I think it takes a week or so for results to come back? I’m not entirely sure but I hope it doesn’t take too long! I’m too excited to wait! :slight_smile: And I was worried about being taken off Tresiba as well, but so glad I can continue taking it. It works so much better for me than any other long acting I’ve tried. And I figured I’d have to see an MFM as well, but so far no. I’ve only had one appointment but so far the group I’m seeing seems comfortable with everything going on. I haven’t been pushed to make appointments with anyone special, and so on. I have a heart condition, thyroid issue and T1D, but they seem to be on top of everything. I’m just hoping for a smooth ride overall especially during this crazy time. So fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

how are you doing, daisy?

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I’m doing great! Sorry I haven’t updated on here, but I don’t have much to update on!

Blood sugar is fine, I am almost 16 weeks now! :slight_smile: And we found out we’re having a boy!! Once I hit the 12 week mark my BG did seem to want to drop more, which I was expecting way earlier on, but nothing major, just had to lower my long acting a little.

But things are going smoothly so far. I go in for an appointment this coming week, to schedule an out of town MFM appointment for my anatomy scan! Our genetic testing all came back great, so next is the anatomy scan and we’ll see where we are then :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking!! I’m so grateful for things to be so smooth so far! If anything major hits I’ll definitely post!