Fitbit and Pump & Sensor interference?

Hello all - I am interesting in buying one of those Fitbit fitness monitors that transmits information about your exercise to a smartphone. Does anyone who wears a Medtronic pump and CGM also wear a Fitbit? I am wondering if the devices will somehow interfere with each other....

I think interference isn't an issue. My fitbit own did not interfere with my pump in any way. I don't wear a CGM so don't know about that. The fitbit got washed and not just one time, so it was ruined. I don't recommend them. I do know they have a wrist band coming out in the spring, I may try that. The fitbit information is very helpful and fun.

I've been using FitBit for about 2 years, with a pump plus separate Dexcom CGM, and no, it's never been a problem. No interference whatsoever. Like any other electronic device, they are not designed to go through the wash. :)

I've been using a Fitbit for about a week and LOVE it!!! I was a bit worried at first that it wouldn't be worth $99, but (so far) it's been totally worth it, very fun and motivating! It doesn't interfere with my pump at all (I don't wear a CGM), as it transmits data only when it's near the computer. I also use the Garmin sports watches that do the same (a heart rate monitor and swim watch), and they have never interfered - and are also very motivating! Shame that all this stuff couldn't be integrated onto one website, that would be pretty awesome.

Just got the 770 from Medtronic and there is a software/hardware conflict there. I can run my fitbit on my phone or see my pump numbers on it but not both currently they are aware of the problem and trying to find a fix for it but so far I am sad panda for not being able to do both

Are you getting pump and cgm data on fitbit?

I use Tandem pump and dexcom, with fitbit ionic. Its been great to get the cgm data and alerts on my watch, or see bg with a quick flick of my wrist.
Hope you get problem solved.

no not even getting the pump data on the Fitbit, just getting them paired at the same time is a major issue with a lot of Samsung phone users as well as a few apple users. am doing advanced trouble shooting on it now but so far no luck.

With my setup, I have android phone app that gets bg data from dexcom cgm. Then phone sends it to watch.
Some watches can receive directly, so you will need to confirm if your pump or app is the source to get data to fitbit, and confirm it is compatible.

I find that Bluetooth gets bogged down easily. So if you have old headphones paired or old transmitter codes in there you should forget them.

I have Bluetooth issues w dexcom and w tandem apps, sometimes they just stop collecting data for no reason.

Then I reset Bluetooth and it comes back.
I found that deleting all the unused stuff helps a lot.