Who has had the H1N1 vaccination.....how about your famiy members?

Our largest city has just opened up a clinic for anyone to get a vaccinations whether they are in a high risk group or not. It aggravates me that our area clinics aren’t giving them to anyone except hi risk…and most clinics haven’t given a shot in over 10 days…so why not open it up. Any thoughts?

From what I’ve read, there seems to be a limited amount of vaccines available. More populated areas must get more vaccines.

I live in Austin and they just opened up a clinic for anyone to get free H1N1 shots. I have made an appointment for my wife, son, and myself for tomorrow. Our schools are finally having the clinics also, it took some time but finally we are getting he vaccines

apparently, there is no evidence from well-designed studies that the influenza vaccine will decrease the risk of complications or deaths in young children. the virus is weakening and there are no reports that it is more deadly or harmful than the usual flu which kills half a million people every year. It’s not a deadly type of flu, wash hands before eating, keep them away from your face and wash them frequently.

I had mine a couple of months ago. My husband (who is not high risk) got his at work yesterday (he works at a large government agency).

no luck w/ me or wifey but the two rugrats got theirs. don’t think i’ll be able toget one for a while

am I mistaken but if you get the shot you hopefully won’t get the flu(if they guessed the shot right and you don’t get that strain)

thanks for the Info. My son lives in Austin, and I am sending him your information. He works for UT, but not sure if the University gave the shots to their people or not.

I live in St. Louis and yes, they just opened up clinics for everyone…high and low risk…a week or so ago, here. Prior to that, it was pregnant women and really young children. My nephew is 9 and he could not get the shot prior to the “open” period. Interestingly, my shot was “free” as was my niece’s…she is 2. I got my shot through the university that I attend, but it was never openly promoted…I had to ask and then they had to document my risk level prior to giving me the shot. In St. Louis metro area, H1N1 shots were distributed via schools and public health departments. My nephew had to have a signed release on file over 2 months ago…it allowed him to get the shot while at school. So sounds like a distribution plan was in place many months ago.

My kids have all gotten it and not me yet cause they don’t have it yet for adults here.

Here in Finland Aleksi got his injection early November and my daughter got hers at school a couple of weeks ago. So far so good. My husband and I may get it in the new year - still waiting on a decision on that one.

I got mine last week through my endo’s office. They are only giving them out to high risk patients, but my employer is supposed to be offering them to the general public soon.

I received my h1n1 the last week in October. I also received a Pneumovax 2 weeks before (it’s good for five years)
I think it has taken so long because the Government paid for it and they may have not been able to price fix and rape the public, like they always seem to do when it come to medical needs.

Those are pretty strong words, I am sorry you feel such. But, in regards to the vaccinations…I’d be happy to pay for them, if it meant my child or I wouldn’t run the risk of death or illness.

My friends in Whitehorse, YK have had the shots since early October, no muss, no fuss. In fact, although White horse is not a large community they made it a community effort and held a community party afterwards. She said there was something about keeping Whitehorse safe and healthy…pretty neat I think.

My family member could not get the H1N1

Do you have a link to any of these well-designed studies?

Oh, and by the way from the CDC today: 10,000 Deaths from H1N1 (here’s the link)

May not be the 1/2 Mil that the regular flu kills, but it’s still a significant number.

Got mine back in late October. Here in Cook County/Chicago they are opening it up to everyone now.

Took my Mom to her Dr. and on the way out they asked if we wanted an H1N1 shot. They even gave me one free. I got it because my daughter is going to have MY grand-daughter in Feb. and the Dr. told her anyone handling the baby should have it and nothing is going to stop me from holding her!!!LOL

I just got mine today. My son got it in a school shot clinic where all kids got vaccinated (with our permission, of course). My wife should be getting it this week.