Flu shot

I had my flu shot done this morning. Nearly my entire life (since my diagnosis with Type 1 Diabetes in 84’) I have always had my Flu shot done each year. I was told at a young age that it is super important for a Diabetic to get their yearly flu shot “you can possibly die Danny” <— scare tactics. Two years ago I decided I did not need the shot any longer. I was terribly sick ( on the floor, curled up in the corner in the fetal position sucking my thumb type of sick, like I was really going to die) the past two years during Flu season, so I decided to get it done this year. Will you be getting your Flu shot this year?

I’m more concerned about getting the H1N1 vaccine than the flu shot…I hope they come out with it soon! I work in a restaurant and with all the people going in and out of that place, I’m sure my chances of catching it are pretty high considering a ton a people have it around here.

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Hey Danny - I get my flu shot every year. Because of working with elderly / children - I always have done it. I don’t want to get sick off of them and visa versa. So, the flu shot you had - is it for the H1N1 strain? I know here in the province of Quebec - they aren’t giving out the flu shots yet for H1N1 strain yet. They’re not sure if it’s going to be a 1 step process - or multiple - it’s all up in the air - also it’s all up in the air as to how much of strain it’s going to be on the staff / medical system that will be giving out the shots.

I also get mine for free being a diabetic as well (does the same apply to others outside of Canada I wonder?).

I generally get my flu shot in late Nov/early Dec - once the rush is all over - and so far - touch wood - haven’t had flu in … crickets chirping here … can’t remember when .

Stay healthy everyone - in whatever way/form you can!!! Remember, wash hands - that’s one of the most important things for warding off germs/viruses - and cough into your arm - or shirt sleeve - or whatever will not make contact with your hands - which will spread viruses around. It’s just common sense that’s all.

Anna from Montreal - Trials and Tribulations of a Diabetic

I’ve got my appointment at the GP surgery next week for the seasonal flu jab. I go every year and join the queue of mostly elderly people lining up waiting to be jabbed by the nurse. The queue reminds me of waiting in line to see the nit nurse at school or waiting for an examination by an army medical officer :wink:

I’ve always had an extraordinary immune system, so never bothered with a flu shot (only had flu a couple times in my life). I wonder about that immune system thing now with two autoimmune diseases, (are they connected?), but still don’t seem to get sick much. I always say, “I don’t get sick, I just get conditions”. But with all I’ve heard about getting sick with diabetes I don’t want to go there! So got my regular flu shot on Saturday and will get the H1N1 when it comes out.

I have never been particularly sick other than my diabetes. (so far…) so i feel that while i am young and and realtively good health that i would normally not get a yearly flu shot, and up to this past september i have never had one. Unfortunately that had to change this year since i’ve gone into a public health care field and although it is not “required” it is “highly recommended” more for the saftey of the poeple i work with.
I got the spiel about “you are a diabetic blah bla…” and i see the point, but at the same time diabetes is not exactly immunodeficency. i don’t see the need for myself to get one while i am thus far complication free and in good health. This may change in the years to come and everyone’s body gets weaker, from diabetes or just old age.

The thing is, if you do get flu this winter, you’ll be laid up much longer than a non-diabetic, your BGs will naturally run high and so you’ll have to keep bringing them down with rapid-acting insulin and if that’s not enough, you’ll just then feel rotten… and for longer than non-diabetics.

Definitely, and I had the same experience as you…always took it and then one year missed it and wished I had not! May wait to read the reports on the H1N1 vaccine before taking that one. Trying to be very careful already since I am on a college campus. Take hand gel everywhere and try not to touch my face much:)

There you go… quod est demonstratum :wink:

oh no, it should go away… :wink:

We have to get our shots this week, last year we forgot, and then we pay the hard way getting sick all together, not fun. Specially my son got ill so this year he already has his, but Manuel and I have to go and get it.

I wil be getting the seasonal flu shot this year. I am not sure about the H1N1 vaccine- I will have to wait and see what the reviews are when it actually comes out. Unfortunately, it may be too late to do me any good. I teach Elem. School and it has started to hit my school as of today. I am hoping to avoid it and will keep washing my hands and staying away from anyone coughing. My biggest obstacle is when my 6 year old son gets sick to not catch whatever crud he has.
I have not yet been sick with diabetes and am not looking forward to it!

Oh yes. I had the flu once, 2 years before I was diagnosed with diabetes. I wished I’d die, much like you curled on the floor. After the diagnosis, I figured I’d be better off getting the shot than ending up in ICU. Next week I get mine, along with my 3 kids. Then to wait for the H1N1 shot.

If it’s convenient, yes. But my clinic wants you to make a special appointment.
I am also concerned about the H1N1. I was talking to a co-worker and she said “oh, I already had it - last January”. Say what? I asked her why she didn’t notify the entire office and she replied, “well, I didn’t see any sense in alarming everyone”.
Gee sister, thanks a lot!

Same here. The year I got the flu was awful. Now I always get the shot asap at my Sept/Oct endo visit. They don’t even give me a choice, I don’t think. The nurse comes in with the needle prepped and filled!

This year, I’m a little freaked out b/c I’m pregnant AND I’m a high school teacher. I keep sending sick kids as far from me as possible and am washing my hands after every class. My nextdoor neighbor’s 18-yr-old boy came down with a type A flu strain last week. Ugh.

I got the flu shot once in 06. Apparently that was a bad year, we just had this discussion at work today. I was SOOOOOOOO sick with the flu. I have never had the flu ever!!! I haven’t gotten it since, I am not sure about this year, I think I will give it another try due to the recent hoopla with the H1N1 in Ma and RI.

I have been told the same thing I have not got my shot in at least 5 years and I haven’t got the flu yet. as long as you take good care of your self its your choice. But its always a risk… Good luck

You bet! AND I make everyone in the house get one, also. It’s silly not to get one, I think, unless there is a very good medical reason not to receive the shot(s). This year maybe more than most, we should all be getting H1N1 shots and the regular flu shot…why take the risk.

Got the “regular” not the H1N1. I usually get a flu shot every other year or wait 2 years. If there is a hard hit of the flu I get the shot, but if its controlled to a few places I don’t. I work in a public place and they don’t require the staff to get one. I wash my hands often and use Purell hand sanitizer. I think that helps alot!

YES. I’ll be getting the regular flu shot and the H1N1 shot. They are available free of charge where I live. Why take chances? Even if I didn’t care about my own health (and I do care), I care enough to protect the health of people around me, like my mom. She lives in a senior’s care centre, and a simple thing like the flu actually does cause a lot of deaths for seniors in North America every year.