Flu Shot

Just curious, do most of you get the Flu Shot? If yes or no, reasons? I've never had one but am seriously thinking about it this year, already 6 people died from it this year in my state.

I think it is a good idea to get a flu shoot. I have not had the flu very much in my lifetime. I started getting one when I was working. Its pretty expensive, but most the time I got it from a pharmacy or grocery store because it was convenient, and I didn't have to go through the hassel of getting any appt. from the family doctor, and going in, and waiting to be seen. I started getting them when I worked, and my husband Jon was getting them because he had diabetes 2. I am 59 now, and get them every yr. I often paid a pharmacy for my daughter, whose asthma is really bad, lived with us. When she was in elementary school, her pediatrician had me bring her for a flu shot. Laura lives here with her 11 yr old son with me and my husband, so I make sure all 4 of us get one to protect both Jon and Laura. I take my grandson to his pediatrician. I went to our family doctor for mine, Laura also went to the same dr for it, who is also her doctor. Jon gets his flu shot given to him at the Fresenius dialysis center he goes to, usually sooner then the rest of us. The flu is widespread here in Mississippi. Most of it is the "swine flu" which is covered in the shot. There is also another influenza A and B virus going around, plus a bad stomach and gut virus that causes bad diarrhea. Hoping all these illnesses pass us by. Jon and Laura could get sick from work, and Alex could get sick from the kids at school. Last yr he didn't get the flu when most of the kids and teachers were out sick from his school. All he got was an ear infection that we caught early. He doesn't get sick much, neither do it. Jon and Laura are not so lucky, and both have already had a sinus infection. I still think a flu shot is worth it. I know sooooo many people who are sick now that refuse to get a flu shot, or say they can't afford it. It would be better for all of us if the shots were only $10. They are just too expensive.


Nope...refuse. Don't think it's necessary or useful at least for me. I rarely get sick and haven't had even a cold in over 5 years. If I get the flu, I would call it "about time". There are so many types of "flu" that there is no way to inoculate against them all ya know? And since viruses/bacteria/etc change you could get a shot then still come down with something else. Never ending cycle....

isn't the flu shot covered by insurance, surely it must be, no?

In the past I've had it some years and not others. For the past few years I've had it pretty consistently. I haven't had it this year, because I went to my doctor only to find they had run out, and I haven't checked into whether pharmacies and such have it. I don't seem to get sick whether I get the shot or not; I haven't had anything even close to a flu for about 8 years, and my last time being sick before that was in high school. Most years I have one cold that lasts a few days and that's the extent of any illness. I get it for the benefit of people who are immune suppressed or who can't get the shot themselves for some reason.

look at your policy. Mine does cover it, yours may not.

I take Flu Shots regularly and as soon as possible. In my experience this also helps to reduce the risk of ordinary colds. At least I was not ill for the last 5 years or so.

yes..mine covers it, i would think most policies would..it's preventative.

Every year… We all know being sick makes managing BG even more of a challenge, so if there’s something that can possibly help prevent it, why not? And generally minimizing my liklihood of getting the flu as much as possible, for me, is a good idea

yeah...that's my thinking too, Sam. :)

exactly! So go for it and stay well :)

I got the Hong Kong flu in 1969, when I was a healthy 13 year old. I have never been sicker in my life. I have never felt so bad. I was in bed for two weeks, and it took me months to fully recover. I got Type 1 diabetes eight years later, and always had a suspicion that the flu did something permanent to my immune system (with no real evidence). Since then, I almost never get ordinary viruses like colds or stomach bugs.

So yes, I get the vaccine every year.

I began the annual ritual after a very bad case of the flu about 7 years ago. The episode took about 6 weeks to recover before I felt "normal."

I also no longer have school-age children, eliminates a major infection exposure. The office campus where I work is pretty serious about non-contamination. If you are sick, you are asked to go home. During the last flu scare, they escorted sick people from the buildings and quarantined their office areas until disinfected. There are hand sanitizers everywhere. We also have a hotel seating plan. Every station has a container of Lysol disinfecting wipes and the cleaning crews disinfect each station's desktop every night.

They do not require flu shots but provide them free.

I get the flu shot every year. I believe in it and won’t go without it. However there is no evidence linking type1 and the flu.

I had the flu years ago and had not been getting the flu shot and ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks. It almost killed me. Flu virus often turns into pnuemonia and once it gets in your lungs (rememeber its a virus and antiobiotics don't work on virus) you have a battle on your hands. Luckily I lived to tell about it. Please get your flu shot. T1D makes it harder to fight off once you are sick. T1D for 52 years and counting.

Since I have contact with young children and seniors I do get one. People die from the flu , I don’t want to be one of them. Nancy

I've gotten flu vaccinations since they first came out. Swear by them, if I do get something, it is a lot less severe. In fact one of the first lunch dates with my now husband was to get flu shots together.

Yup, every year.

I've had the flu, as a diabetic, and it's no picnic. That's why I get a shot every year.

It's no guarantee, but it does lower the risk.

Absolutely! I did 22 years in the military and it was mandatory then and it was just a habit that carried over. Additionally, since being diagnosed anytime I am sick (since I was diagnosed) it seems like the symptoms are much worse (and I am a big baby when sick). I also have a son with Crohn's who has a compromised immune system so we have everyone in the house get it for that reason as well (unfortunately for them it has to be the shot).


I had the flu once in my life my head hurt so much I literally could not pick it off the pillow it was horrible enough that I never want to get it again and have always gotten a flu shot since. My annual exam with my primary care doctor always involves a flu shot. But most pharmacies also do them.