Fluctuating Glucosse Levels

Does anyone have trouble with glucose levels going all over? Some mornings my levels are fairly close (within 5-10 points) of my target level. I take my medication as directed, but at lunch, sometimes they seem to double. Then in the afternoon, I have to deal with crashes on occassion with a high jump afgterwards.

You should consider the counter-regulatory hormones that are secreted during the night and during sleep. It is common showed greater resistance to insulin action in the morning on account of regulatory hormones such as cortisol and growth hormone. This hormones can suppress the insulin action.
Mauro Scharf, MD

Yeah, been running low all day then I just checked before dinner and BG is 178. What’s going on?

Don’t you just love this stuff. Let’s see today I’ve seen, 196, 151, 67, 85 etc… Yea, I know how you feel. Heck I ate a banana and forgot my novolog, bang next check it’s 267. Just so much fun.

I worry about crashes so much, I won’t take my Levemir when I have to work oustide, i.e. shovelling snow, etc

Sometimes with no changes to diet, exercise or meds and I can’t get it under 200, then suddenly can’t keep it above 100 then it levels out and is perfect all the time!!!

Levemir is a slow acting insulin it is needed for your basal supply. This one should be keep constant regardless of exercise or food. The bolus insulin like novo something can be varied. If you don’t get your basal right you will be all over the map.