Food: A Day In the Life of the Diabetic Diet

what do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? do you snack throughout the day. do you eat on a schedule? what are some of your favorite foods? when do you allow yourself to "cheat?" how do you celebrate your birthday, your wedding, the birth of your child? do you drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, take other recreational "medications?" whats the best day you can imagine from morning till night? how do the people you live with deal with meal-times?

1) i wake up; test BS, program Wizard; take bolus; eat 2 scrambled eggs (i make the BEST) and two pieces of 7 grain toast with loads of butter

2) for lunch i eat a Greek Yogurt with a banana (and maybe sneak in a small piece of dark chocolate with a de-caff w/ cream and Splenda

3) for dinner.....

4) you get the point.

I eat some form of eggs for breakfast, no toast, I can't tolerate that many carbs at that time of day. For lunch I eat cheese and fruit or nut butter and fruit. I don't have favorite foods, I eat a large variety of foods and dishes for dinner. It's very important to me to eat a varied diet. I'm a good cook and continually look for new vegetarian recipes. I don't believe in the very idea of "cheating". I'm not a child. I'm not "bad" or "good". I make my own choices about what is ok for me to eat, and then I eat it without guilt. For me this doesn't include sugar; I haven't eaten sugar for 18 years due to an eating disorder. I eat moderately low carb but when I go out I usually eat more carbs because I'm a vegetarian and the food available in your typical restaurant is pasta. I don't consider this cheating. I bolus for it and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I don't feel guilty about this, but don't do it often. I think the whole "guilt" and "cheating" idea is infantile and self-defeating. I eat well and healthy, but I enjoy what I eat. Self-deprivation imho is negative.

I live alone so don't account to anyone when I eat at home.

I wake up make coffee, test, if my sugars acceptable I drive my daughter to school then I come home and re-test, eat breakfast (I like oatmeal) my pump does my bolus, I set my temp basal lower, run/walk the treadmill 15 min, shower recheck sugar, go to my morning class (I have an early class for my nursing coursework 5 days a week) come home test eat lunch (pump does its job) do homework put my son down for his nap while the boyfriend gets ready for work, test, snack, go get my daughter from school (depending on the day I may have had some afternoon classes or night classes comming up ect.) my lunch is usually a pre pack salad thing and my snacks are usually apples and string cheese. I make dinner, we rarely go to fast food. I don’t care for unpredictable carbs (messy drawn out fat absorption issues ect) I wrap up my day testing for dinner, eating, then retesting, then turning my basal down zoning on tv while I walk on the treadmill for 30 min after the kids are in bed. Then I retest. Eat a long acting carb and head to bed. That’s a perfect no low/no high easy day! Notice it involves a ton of TESTS! Oh and yeah I smoke but I don’t drink and I don’t believe in cheating just bolusing!

for breakfast i usually have milky coffee and a slice of toast slathered in butter and a scrambled egg, smetimes with a piece of cheese in it. other days i have just the toast or ill have some tea biscuits and fruit/yogurt if i dnt feel like the palaver of prepping the eggs/toast.
lunch and dinner always includes spinach salads with loads of veg and some type of fish. ill usually have some cheese or chorizo. i save my carbs for dessert: yogurt or fruit, 2 squares of dark chocolate.
dinner is the same in the summer but now that its getting chilly im starting t make soups again. sometimes i buy knorr brand soups for something quick but i make irish stew and veggie soups that fill me up and keep for a few days.
if i go out to eat, it all goes out the window. well not really but i eat what i usually dont, bread, fried fish and cheesecake, ice-cream. i usually go for the dessert carbs, ive found that i can live without bread etc, though when i do eat it, i think, jesus, bread is sooo good and i never appreciated it for its wondrous goodness pre-D!
best day from morning till night: mountains of chocolate from here to eternity in all its forms: chocolate cereal for breakfast, churros y chocolate for a midmorning snack, nutella o french bread for lunch, you get the picture...


i just finished my breakfast. besides the 2 eggs and whole grain toast slathered with butter. i went to my food arsenal and put together a "Dutch" sandwich: Bread lathered with butter and a nice chunck of Belgian chocolate on top. HEAVEN.

1) eggs or egg beaters, spinach (although I forgot the spinach at the grocery store this week), broccoli scrambled with chia seeds, red pepper and granulated garlic. Some days with cheese. Parmesan or Sargento lowfat 4 cheese Mexican. Skim milk or V8. Toast, the Ezekiel 1:29 15G of carbs some days, mostly depending on my weight and planned workout.

2) 1/2 peanut butter sandwich, bag of carrots/ broccoli, greek yogurt

3) all sorts of different stuff, including beer and cocktails. I am the chef. The main challenge with mealtime is that MrsAcidRock is like 45 minutes away and is often in meetings at the end of the day so we don't hear until pretty late "I'm in the car" and she doesn't generally call (Bluetooth, legal in Chicago...) until she gets out of town on the highway. It used to wind me up more but I sort of know the route now and if she says "I'm at first avenue..." I know I can fire up the grill.

I don't ever refer to eating anything as cheating as I can cover just about anything with insulin. Sometimes bigger food is more challenging but it works out ok.

Yesterday I had

breakfast: cheese omelette
lunch: bowl of chili
dinner: large salad (lettuce/spinach) with mushrooms, onions, cheese and sardines topped with homemade dressing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar

ps. I also had a "couple" of glasses of Penfolds Shiraz

pps. Not for breakfast, I had the wine at dinner.

Today I had
a small bowl of muesli with yogurt, blueberries and a little milk to moisten

Lunch was frittata with salad, handful of nuts, coffee

Actually I will not have dinner tonight because I ate nibblies at happy hour tonight, pumpkin turnovers, sausage rolls, sausage and sundried tomato, guacamole and chips. Too many carbs but it is only once a week.

i like your attitude about cheating and guilt. something i need to work on!

Yes B, we believe you

BF One 7g slice of toast and tea
Noon Broccoli, celery, fine peas, all mixed into vegetable soup
4pm Two slices of 7g bread, maybe chicken and veggies
Treat after dinner Apple Turnover and tea.
No snacks and never hungry after 6pm, never used to be like this. I do crave "bad" foods for one week of the month. I take loadsa vitamins and eat a lot of fresh veg, not cooked. So I thought I wouldn't get colds. Not the case.

I do go through a lot of full fat butter each week, wonder does this do anything ?

I'm visiting my Mom's in Florida right now. She has a full sized kitchen, so I really get into cooking while I'm here.

Breakfast: bacon and an omlette with some olives and some shrimp chopped up, coffee

Lunch: (ate out) gyro without the pita, spinich pie without crust, diet coke

Dinner: I bought a frozen rabbit, and braised it with okra, celery, sage, and a carrot in half a bottle of Malbec. I had a couple glasses, too.