Foods that make you go low?

I recently bought a cereal that I’ve never had before, Puffins, and every time I’ve eaten them, I tend to get borderline low. The first time I thought it was just a fluke thing, but I’ve had them 3 more times and every time, I’m in the 80s 2hrs post meal and in the low 70s by 3hrs after eating them. I measure the serving accurately, I used the printed serving size and anotehr time, adjusted the size to what I wanted to eat and still, lower than normal. I’m not sure if their nutritional analysis is off or these are some kind of miracle food.

Pass em my way…Puffins 3x’s a day!,Yeah!

Cheerios have always made me go low. Love the taste, hate the way they mess with my blood sugar.

Jackie…if you found a breakfast cereal that doesn’t spike your sugar then you’re golden!!! Just remember, not all carbs are created equal, but your fast acting insulin is always gonna be fast.

The carbs in Puffins are over 20% fiber and not much simple sugar. The fiber has to be subtracted in your carb count (of course you knew that) but it can also account for slower absorption of the actual carb in the cereal. So you’re looking at a slow and steady carbohydrate similar to beans but hopefully a lot less gassy.

Vodka :wink: