For fun! To name my pump or not? :)

Okay I’'ve got to chime in here ! I just got my pump and have started to pump insulin in the last couple of weeks. I got the blue Animus Ping. So lets see how many of you are old timers… I’ve named my pump Ricochet Rabbit. :slight_smile:

Name it! I named mine Betty (as in Diabetty). :wink:

thats a cool name :slight_smile:

nice name there!
i thought you named it afte ugly betty :slight_smile:

ricochet the cartoon?
wich one was ricochet?
the hero right?

Hanna Barbara Cartoon… Ping Ping Ping… Ricochet Rabbit !

My pings name is scout

My first pump was called P2 (as it was my “second” Pancreas). I am now onto P4 as I have had 2 replacement pumps.