What did you name your pump?

After 3 weeks with my minimed, Ive come to name my pump Becky haha.

what about the rest of you??

Mikey (a clear MM) was going to get a pink animas at one time and name her Leah - but since then decided to name one of the babies Leah :slight_smile:

haha nice!

I don’t have a pump but does it count that I named my lancet - Mr. Stabby?

i refer to my pod as “zoe” b/c it means life giving…which is exactly what my pump does for me =)

hahah so funny denise =p

Mine is named Pumpy!

the pink one was going to be

my pump is male

I decided to name one of our upcoming twins Leah now

I need to get becky stickers of her name!

Where did you get those stickers? I love them!

Mikey needs to be identified! :slight_smile:

I work with 4 year olds and they have this box of alphabet foam stickers. I think they’re from Target. :slight_smile:

That kinda depends on what numbers it is showing that come from the CGMS.

If the numbers are high, I will call it “son of a b*tch!”.

If they are good, “Nice!”

when jesse got his first pump @ 11 years old , he named it George…
His most recent pump is called "George da 13th…"
yes, in 6 years he’s gone thru 12…

This topic has come up a few times, and is always entertaining. My pump is Thelma, and my cgm is Louise.

Raljphie, he needs lots of attention.

rick phillips

omg so funny

i never thought about it but thanks for an awesome idea

Mine is
Dolce for my pump
& Vida for my cmg =)
Dolce Vida =)

as Kristin has hooked me on alternate sites, my CGM is pain in my @$$ …

As that is where it will remain from now on :slight_smile:

Well my “Louise” has died twice, from causes unknown, but she always gets replaced:)