Let's be honest! What's your Pump's name and how did you come up with it?

When I first began Pump therapy I giggled when the pump trainer encouraged me to name my pump. I figure, sure alright I mean I name my car, my teddy bears and have nicknames for my fiance… so sure I can name an insulin pump. My first pump was Xander he was a blue Medtronic Paradigm and his name came from the Greek name Alexander that means “Helper of Mankind”.
My new pump is Gracie, she is a pink Ping and her name is a reminder that by God’s grace alone have I been able to receive and finance my new pump therapy. So how about you all? I need fuel to prove that I’m not insane LOL.
~Blessed Diabetic.

i never heard of naming it but i think its kinda neat…my gf just calls it my pancreas,hmmm maybe i’ll try to come up with a name

Hahaha! I havent got my pump yet, but I’ll have a name before she arrives :)) Thanks for the idea :wink:

Harrison… Cause if I’m going to bed with someone besides my husband it will be Harrison Ford… He understands :wink:

My husband… Haven’t discussed it with Indy…

Hi Blessed Diabetic, No I don’t think your insane I just never thought of that…that is cool…I like your pumps name…lol…have a nice evening

The best name I have heard is Kermit - for a green ping pump. I usually name things…like my car etc…my CGM is ‘football’ because of the shape and my husband calls it that…but my pump…mine is green too…well green but covered with a black case…maybe one day a name will come to me…I picked green for the healing color of nature. Enjoy the day!

Howard Cosell–because he knew his “stuff”!

Hmmm, blue baby turned to pink rose and the only reason I picked a name at all was because my CDE made me for the computer program…

LOL I love that one, I’m sharing it with my fiance, I’m sure he’ll get a big laugh out of it too :slight_smile:

thank you very much, I hope you have a wonderful one too :slight_smile:

Ooooh I was so close to getting the green one too, Kermit would have been a given :slight_smile: When I told Jason (my fiance) that there were 5 colors to chose from, he said that he could guess before I said anything… he said “pink” I said no, “dusty rose” LOL I couldn’t let him be right :wink: As for the CGM… I’m trying to avoid that, how’s that working for you?

Oh yes, Computers are good at making you name stuff. My internet network and laptop have their own personal names. LOL Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Andy - for obvious reasons

Peter. I call him Peter because for some odd reason I like to shout that out loud. Reminds me of the episode from friends where Sherri Shepard shouts “Peter! Hey Peter, it’s me Rhonda, from PS129! I shared my pudding with you man! I gave you my snack pack!”

“Tag Along” . . . named so by my husband! That’s one thing I loved about the Deltec Cozmo. . . cuz you could name it and have the have the name appear on the home screen! (Now the Animas allows you to name the pump too. . . but not where you can easily see it)

LOL, loving this one!

I think I want green next time.
That will have to be something like Kermit…

My lovely raspberry Ping is Daphne, for my late mother-in-law. She liked to tell people what to do, and be in control. She would have been pleased. My dexcom is Flashy Gordon (long story), and my lancet… can’t say on a family site :slight_smile:

I have a Blue Animas Ping… I call him “My boy Blue” From the movie Old School, you know the silly Will Farrell movie?
It just give me an excuse to use a line from the move *You’re My Boy Blue!!" :slight_smile:

Oh well at least it makes me chuckle!