Help me name my pump

I name my pump when i get one. when i had animas i was kermit and yoda because both were green. my current one is blue named tardis. ill soon be up and running on the medtronic 630G pump in a few weeks. well i want to name it! here are the choices that my friends gave me.

  1. bruins
  2. jet
  3. bruiser
  4. Panko (because the pump acts like a pancreas according to the person that gave me that suggestion)

so which ones do you guys like? i know this is a bit silly but i like naming my pumps. if this should be going somewhere else let me know. i figured the insulin pump group would be the best :slight_smile:

I like Panko!

thanks! it seems to be a popular answer but still wanting to see what others think. want to be sure i have the right pick

The new pump will be black? I’m trying to connect the choices here - they seem all VERY different. Panko is appealing bc of the story behind it, but I can’t help think of bread crumbs. Bruins, Jet and Bruiser seem like a different flavor than your previous names. Hm…

Of the four I like Bruiser, unless that conjures unpleasant images of black and blues. Seems like a tough little buddy who’s in it with you for the long haul.

I can’t help but thinking of breadcrumbs when I think of Panko, even though I love the name.

Bruiser makes me thinks “ouch.”

I like jet - it’s going to keep you healthy in a speedy way!

I love the earlier names. If you stay in your TV/movie theme, I would go with the Incredibles - how about “Jack Jack?”



bruiser because i also have a blue case :)…and no unpleasant images :)…so something a bit different. and yes the new pump is black…panko was suggested by my friend’s son :)…

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my friend who suggested jet is because the pump is black lol…but i didnt think of keeping me healthy in a speedy way as a reason for it.

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You will let us know what you decide, right?

of course! i have gotten other suggestions and will take those into consideration as well :slight_smile:…but definitely will let you guys know. i was suggested to name the CGM too as ill be on the dexcom. im excited to have the names that ill be picking :slight_smile:

I like bruiser and jet.

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thanks for the video :). i enjoyed it

What about Panky? If the breadcrumbs-Panko association bothers you, hehe. There is a diabetic apparel company called “Hanky Panky” and I always thought that was pretty clever. Jet is good too.

I think it’s a cool idea to name your pump. My very first pump I had a rough time adjusting to, and since it was always buzzing with alerts, I sometimes referred to it as “Buzz Killington” (and my husband said the Medtronic triple beep reminder for doing a blood test sounded like it was saying in a singsong voice “Give! me! blood!” :joy:). I always meant to name the pumps I got afterward, but never got around to it. Maybe my next new one, you have inspired me!

i figured i would have fun with it instead of just having it as a pump. i dont know what sparked me to name my pumps but i figured why not. why just have it as a medical tool that is boring at times. so i named it. my first one was kermit as he was green…when kermit needed to be replaced i named the next one yoda as it was green. now i have a blue animas one and that is named tardis. unforunately its not bigger on the inside. so now that im moving on to the medtronic one, i wanted to continue the tradition. on the fudiabetes site i posted the same question and not so many interesting responses. someone suggested for me to name my dexcom CGM as well. so ill be naming that too. and im glad i inspired you :)…let me know what you name yours :D.

“My pump” when referring to my pump. “Your pump” when referring to my wife’s pump, or anyone else’s pump but mine, for that matter. :slight_smile:

LOL! so simple :)…are you and your wife the only ones on a pump?

Such a strange question…and rhetorical! :slight_smile: oh, and I’ve never been asked to assign pump names to anyone’s pump, which makes your question moot.

im having trouble this time around in naming it :)…i find it fun to name my pump, etc. gives it something to not have it feel like oh god im on a pump type thing. plus it is fun to see what people come up with or which from the options they like :slight_smile:

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that is an interesting one! why pusherman :slight_smile:

Piston mechanism.
Can’t do without it.
It’s not really a serious entry in your naming process