For those who have CGM sensors or infusion sets not adhering well

I just had a thought that may or may not be helpful. When my wife or I had surgery we were told to wash with some special scrub and not use any skin lotions. For some reason I remembered this and wonder if the problems some have with these patches coming undone is from the use of skin care lotions.

I mention in another post that I scrub the area where a sensor is going with an alcohol soaked paper towel. My thinking is to remove any skin oils.

So far in 4 months of using the Dexcom G6 I have not lost a sensor due to adhesive failure. I’ve had a bit of lifting a couple of time near the 10th day.

Anyway, I could be all wrong about skin lotions, but I couldn’t get it out of my head so I had to share. There’s always superglue. No, don’t do that!

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Oh man, now you’ve got me thinking…

I keep VetBond on hand for emergencies/farm equipment accidents. I wonder if it would work!

I’m pretty sure most of us are in the habit of cleaning/prepping new sensor sites the best we can. Since I discovered I’m allergic to Skin-Tac, I have to stick to just I.V. prep, after scrubbing half my flesh off. I can get to the end of ten days with only minor peeling that way. But as I wear most sensors for 30… That takes some serious engineering.

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VetBond is a type of superglue with additives to keep it pliable when it dries, it is very similar to surgical glue used on humans. Unlike surgical glue Vetbond is not a sterile product. Since you would be applying to unbroken skin I don’t see how being unsterile would make a difference.

Being that it is basically superglue I wonder how hard it is to remove, I hear that acetone works best.


On day 10, when I take my morning shower, I shave the area where the new sensor will go and wash that area with shampoo. When out of the shower, I dry the area for about 30 seconds with my hair dryer on high and immediately apply sensor to the skin which has been warmed and dried by the hair dryer. Then rub 3 times around the sensor as recommended by Dexcom.

Since using this routine, I was able to give up all over/under patches and never have a problem with the sensor tape peeling.


thanks for the information.

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use the skin prep pads for the infusion sets spread the skin prep in a big area you should get the full use of the infusion set and then some 6 to 7 days. For the cgm (Dexcom) you only put the skin prep on the outlined area of the sensor, you will get your 10 days use out of them, I find I have to pull quite hard to take them off.

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The very first Dexcom I applied lasted 2-3 days and I wrapped an ace bandage on it to keep it in place. Dexcom sent me over patches that maybe gave me a couple of more days on the next one but it was almost as bad. I had worn a Libre before that and I never had an issue with a Libre not staying on unless I knocked it on a doorway or once got it caught on a on a seat belt. I ordered Skin Tac for my Dexcom and it made all the difference in the world. I don’t use skin lotion btw!

Things to use to help keep our tech on

My favorite
Skin Tac, I brush it all over the adhesive and let it get tacky before I apply the sensor. I let it dry before I insert the transmitter. I brush it up as time goes on with a qtip and Skin Tac under the edges. I am experimenting right now with Skin Tac on the sensor, apply it as always and then Skin Tac under the overpatch too and applied. It seems to be working better. Day 23 so far. I’ve only had to touch it up once and cut off an edge of the overpatch as it wouldn’t restick well.

Dexcom Over patches
Grif Grips
Pump Peelz
3M Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film
3M Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressing
opsite flexifix tape
IV 3000

Skin Tac
Hollister Adhesive spray

Bard Protective Barrier Film wipes
Skin Prep Protective Barrier Wipes
Hollister Skin gel protective wipes


After a little more research, I really think the VetBond is a bad idea. I was half joking when I mentioned it, but also half serious since I’m allergic to Skin Tac and really miss it.

I don’t think the duration is a problem, since we slough off skin cells so fast and it’s designed to fall off animals in about a week. I just Heather that it can cause burns when the glue is covered with fabric, though. It traps the heat of the curing glue. I think you need quite a lot of glue for this happen, but I wouldn’t risk putting the sensor over it.

And I know VetBond isn’t approved for humans, but it’s a long-time staple in the prepping community because it’s much more accessible than surgical glues. When you live in the middle of nowhere and don’t have speedy medical access, this stuff matters.

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I agree whole heartedly, Robyn. We don’t live quite in the middle of nowhere but close enough. We raised, bred and milked registered Nubian dairy goats for years. We don’t bred anymore so, the 5 we have aren’t milked.

Back in the day we would have lots of kids on the ground. They would have to be disbudded and the males castrated before two weeks of age. This is too young for an immune response from a tetanus vaccination. They would receive tetanus antitoxin just prior.

I am very allergic to equine sera, from horse serum such as anti-toxin and anti venom.

I would hold the kids in my lap while my wife would do the injections. Behind her was a vial of veterinary epinephrine and a syringe for the anaphylactic shock in the kids or me. With jumpy kids accidental needle sticks happen.

I would have no problem using a product like VetBond on a wound in me or family. I don’t have any. When you live in the out and beyond, you do what is necessary to survive.

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I have been using Torbot Skin Tac wipes for both my sensors and pump infusion sites. For me, in the 100 degree heat, seems to work for the last 15 years. I play a lot of outdoor sports and sweat a lot and it works. I also use Tac Away to remove the skin tac residue and also remove.
Luckily, I am not allergic to either product.


@wayne2 I might give Skin Tac and Tac Away a try. I’m not having any difficulty with the sensors coming loose, but it is heating up here. I did a short HIIT bike workout at 7A an was totally drenched. Then at 10A did a 1 hour workout. High humidity.