Lantis upset

so i had a pretty bad low last night around the same time i was supposed to take my lantis for the night. i was so sick after i corrected my low that i fell asleep without taking my lantis, when i woke up today my bg was so high i had to correct pretty agressivley, what do other lantis users suggest i do? should i just wait until tonight to take my lantis again and just use more humolog throughout the day? or should i take my lantis now? the only problem with taking my lants now it that it will be all screwed up with the timing of when i am supposed to take!!

One possibility is to take your Lantus in two doses; many people take their basal in a split dose. You could take half your dose now, the other half at the usual time tonight.

If you don't want to go with a split dose permanently, take a half dose now and the usual amount tonight.

Hi CaityJ. I see I made the only comment. I think you would get more comments by posting a discussion rather than a blog. Since my understanding is that you aren't supposed to put the same posting as both a blog and a discussion, you would need to copy & paste, deleting the blog and posting a discussion. So anyhow and most importantly, are you OK now?

If I accidently skip a Lantus dose at night I just test more throught the day and take extra very small doses of Humolog through out the day. Let us know what what you decided to do and how it worked out for you. Hope you're not high all day.

We did that once and the doctor just told my mom to give me a extra unit or two of my novo log then take the lantis at the regular time

When I switched from morning to night the doc just split the dose for that day. You don't want to skip your long acting cuz that old liver just keeps throwing out glucose