FREE Meters/Lancets/Strips/KwikPens/Needles/Misc Supplies

Online links for free meters are: (may require registration)

You can personalize your Accucheck Aviva with these free skins. When you request free skins it May ask if you would like a free meter. If so answer yes and complete the form. It takes several weeks for the skins and meter to arrive.

5 FREE Humulog Kwik Pens

FREE Sample Single use Infusion Set (prescription required)

FREE Clickfine Needles (sign up through Kroger link then a few days later sign up via the consumer request link.)

FREE GlucoBurst Sample.

FREE Insulin Travel Kit when you sign up at Lantus



Do the Aviva meters come with a starter supply of test strips? If so, how many?

Also I am new to the couponing thing. Can you use mulitple coupons on a single item? For instance if I have have 2 manufactures $5.00 off coupons for one item, say the lancets, can I use both for one purchase or are they limited to one coupon per item?

Oh these new adventures in marketing and merchandising. What will they think of next?

Radical Yellow Duck

In the retail kit there are 10 strips and a nice mulitclix lancing device with 2 6-lancet barrels.

As for as using mulitple Q’s the method works like this. Try to have 1 Store Q and 1 Manufacturer Q. Often between the two you can get items for free or very inexpensively. Otherwise it is only 1 manufacturer Q per item. Now… for instance if you find a deal for buy one get one… you can use both Manufacturer coupons.

let me know if you need more help. ;o)

BTW the best prices I’ve found for strips is using the discount code TUDABETES (yep spelled right) and free shipping (takes 7-9 days)

However buying these kits especially when you get them FREE is the way to go to really cut your supply costs. Start buying the sunday paper. I’ll try to be sure to let everyone know if there is a great deal out there.

One more thing… if you qualify for a free meter via Acc-check’s site… they are most generous. They give you 60 strips!

Interesting news! I went to Walgreens today to pick up yet another Aviva. I normally look at the package to be certain there are test strips in them however this time I did not. When I got home I opened the box and no strips… it still had the test solution and the 12 lancets… but no strips! Are they on to me? Looked on the side of the box… sure enough “test strips are sold separately” Shoot! I hope all the tester companies don’t start doing this!!

I still filled out my rebate and sent it in.

Would have been nice to have 10 strips. oh well.

I went to Walgrens and picked up my Accu-Chek today. Thank you Sylvia!

:o) That makes me feel good! I see they will have Contrours and Breeze 2’s on sale soon… I think it’s the Week of March 22! I’ll let you know for sure later.

REDPLUM has a coupon for BD brand lancets... these are the ones that have the little twist off end and are designed for single use...

Scroll down and look to the left… Look for the BD logo… ultra fine lancets $1.50 off. Seems to me 50 of these were $4.99 at my Riteaids… Might be less expensive at Walmart… so YMMV


Thanks to Lauren… we have a new one for the list.

For those of you on the pump - Animas is offering two free infusion sets:

This is for the Inset or the Inset30. Apparently it can work with just about any pump. Hope someone can make use of this offer! :slight_smile:

Opps - didn’t know I could put it in this thread! Sorry Sylvia! :slight_smile:

LOL it’s ok. I am just trying to keep a few categories so the discussions don’t get too numerousa and overwhelming. Feel free to start discussions too if you find something great like this.

thanks for sharing =]