Free Meter with 60 strips

Accu-Chek is giving away a free Aviva meter that comes with 60 strips.

Thanks, Stephen, for pointing out part of the link was missing!

The link doesn’t work for me, but this one did

Thanks for the link… while you’re there , don’t forget your 5 FREE meter skins!

Right on thanks!

Thanks for the fix!

I got the skins about 3 weeks after ordering both. Still waiting for the meter, which may take another 3-5 weeks.

Sent for my meter and skins on the same day…got them in one box in about 12 days! Love the Aviva…and love the lancing device

The free-meter promotion has expired, though the free skins are still available.

As of this morning, I still have not received the meter.

I got my meter two weeks ago. Skins were in the box. I’ve already used up the 60 strips.

Thanks again for the heads up! My favorite price = free.99

Nine weeks out and still no meter. I called their customer support line, and one was FedEx’d to me, complete with the 10 starter strips and another box of 50 strips :slight_smile:

I applied for one online the other day. Said my meter should arrive in 3-5 weeks with the strips included.