Accu check aviva

I just received a free accu-check aviva today. I LOVE the lancet device. In fact I called CCS medical where I get my testing supplies to see if they would send me the lancet drums for that and still allow me to use my meter that syncs with my pump. They said yes they could. The lancet is the mutli clix and has a tube of lancets and even on 5 the highest setting I could barely feel it. So if you have a multi clix get a hold of your insurance and see if they will give you the lancets for that one but still use your favorite meter.

I got my free Aviva yesterday. I came to realise that I haven’t finished using the first drum in the lanset device from my first meter. It still does the job and doesn’t hurt either. I figured that I needed a spare. I am set up with the infared sensor to download my meter readings to my computer. It sure does make keeping track of my meter readings easier. I also liked the fact that they sent a box of fifty test strips also. These things aren’t cheap . I am waiting to see if the program will recognise the second meter. I think that I read that it will not .

I called ccs medical and they are sending me test strips for the meter I like and the lancets for the lancet device I like. The lady I talked also told me how to get around paying for the cable for my meter. She said that since I have a certificate of medical necissaty, they can use that and bill it under pump supplies, so I have one of those coming as well and I also have the usb care link, but I like to have my meter readings listed not as a graph.

If you go to their website and use their Diabetes Assistant Program , you can just get a list . I did not buy the CD . You do have to join the site though. It is free.


can I just buy the lancet device…?
i like my meter that I am using right now and I dont wanna change to any other meter while waiting for the new meter from minimed thats coming out soon.

that’s what i did. i don’t have the meter, but love my multiclix!

I got the meter for free.
There is the link also Marvin I know you use the Minimed pump. Novamax has made a new meter a step up from the one Medtronic sends out.
You can upgrade to the Novamax for nothing. I called yesterday to order it.

I forgot to add, the Novamax uses the same strips as the BD

I like it a lot better than any other lancets. My fingers are a mess and are almost always in a state of constant soreness which makes typing hard, but with the multiclix, I think it is going to be a lot easier on my fingers and it also helps that the BD meter doesn’t use near as much blood as the other meters.

thanks Cody… i already got a novamax strips that will work with the BD meter, the one that comes with the pump, but unfortunately, i dont like this meter coz its giving me false values, i mean, way high than my ultra mini readings, i called tech support about this and thats why they decided to gave me a new strips but still the same… i dunno if its the meter or the strips…

i cant wait for that new meter from minimed… i called them this morning and they say its comin out soon… i hope…

I found the multiclix lancet device at CVS. I’m sure other pharmacies carry it as well. It’s about $30.00.

My mom uses the Accu Check Aviva and I tried out her Lancet device and I have to say I fell in love with it as well not painful at all. My insurance Co won’t cover Accu check Aviva So I purchase my own Lancet Device and mulitclix Lancets from an online diabetes store where I get 204 multiclix lancets for $19.99 and the Lancet device was $15.99.

CCS Medical told me that I can pretty much choose which meter and lancet I want as they have a Certificate of Medical Necessity on file for me from my Doctor. They told me it is basically like a super prescription where I can choose what I want to use. I am still trying to decide which meter I want to use as I have several here at the house. I like the accucheck aviva but I also like the meters that communicate wirelessly with my pump as I don’t have to manually input the blood sugar in. I do know that the One Touch was just shipped out to me that goes with the Medtronic Pumps so I guess I will find out if I like that one.

The Aviva offer has expired.

I followed the link. You can get the meter for free if the request/coupon is accompanied by a prescription for that meter.