Online site as logbook

I’m tired of writing down blood sugars and have realized I’d like to get more techie. I’m on a MiniMed pump and love the MiniMed logbooks because they are detailed enough to write multiple blood sugars, what I eat, and exercise notes. Any ideas about something online that is comprehensive and easy to use. Ideally, can log into from multiple computers.

Here’s a link to a blogger (Chris) who has a template for an online log (looks like it’s a Google Spreadsheet). He has examples of a blank one, plus he may have examples of ones with actual data. He has instructions on emailing him to get a copy or access to it. If it’s a Google Spreadsheet, I imagine you can get to it from anywhere.

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Go to my home page and you will see a color coded log chart I designed. You will see them after you click on the dog in the photo area. You can see everything at a glance. Let me know what you think and ask questions if you like.

hey i think i saw one somewhere but i can’t remember where it was.

I like Log For Life, your On-Line Diabetes Logbook. allows for entry of glucose values, insulin dosage, carbohydrates, food items, medications, doctor visits, and analysis of this information from any computer attached to the internet.; but I am looking for an Excel type set up.

Try Kevin’s Logbook. It is very popular and I LOVE IT! I emailed him and within a few hours he emailed me back a copy, I asked for a change in it to be customized for me, he changed it again within the hour!

Another vote for here.

I like the fact that I can update my BG readings and meds via email or SMS message from my cell phone. This way, I don’t have to be in front of a computer to update my journal. Works pretty slick. :slight_smile: