Freestyle Insulinx Glucometer

If you have news or questions, or details about the new Insulinx glucometer from Abbott Labs which tells you how much mealtime insulin to use, please post it here!

I would love to have one of these meters because calculating insulin can be a real headache if you're running a bit low or high. Abbott's Canadian website has NO information about it.

For example, does it use the same test strips as their other Freestyle meters, or do I have to buy all new test strips? Well, I just found out from a PDF press release that it does use the latest version of Freestyle Lite test strips, the ones with the QikZip feature (they have the little butterfly on them)

The FreeStyle InsuLinx Blood Glucose Monitoring System is compatible with the
FreeStyle Lite blood glucose test strips with ZipWik tabs,7 which are designed to
offer easier blood application, resulting in a better blood glucose testing
experience for people living with diabetes.

So that's good news!

You can read the PDF here

How hard is it to get one?

Is there a lot of paperwork, or do I just need a training session with my Diabetes Nurse Educator?

Do I need a prescription from my doctor or endo?

Will there be a long waiting list?

Will it be free with the purchase of 100 test strips, as with previous meters?

I did find this video

and this one, whic is supposed to lead to an information page, but doesn't!

and here's a brief article

However, I can find nothing more from Abbott Labs Canada!

Hi Emmy. I have been using the InsuLinx for about a month and a half. I got it directly from my doctor. A diabetes educator helped me with the settings. I am on MDI and I give myself insulin before meals and for corrections. I test my blood sugar about 10 times per day. The InsuLinx helps me to keep track of my active insulin and it helps me to calculate my boluses (based on my I:C ratio and my correction factor). The meter could use a few improvements, but it’s fairly new, so I am sure there will be new and improved versions coming out in the future. I have already given my wish list to my diabetes educator and she said that she was going to give it to the Abbott rep. Let me know if you have any questions about the meter. I’ll be happy to answer them.

It seems like it would be worth waiting another 6 months before attempting to get one of these new meters. Might as well let them iron the bugs out first!

I am closing this discussion because I've started a group for anyone interested in the Insulinx meter, you can join at

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