FreeStyle Libre Pro

I went to my endo and I have to say I am impressed with her. She seems to be very aggressive about my treatment. She finally had me put on the FreeStyle Libre Pro Sensor to further help track my glucose levels. I have worn for several hours I noticed it has started to come off my skin (back of the arm). I noticed the wire (sensor?) was showing. I am sure this is suppose to be completely submerged into the arm. Is there a way without the hand device to check if the disc portion is still doing its job. I am trying not to go back to the clinic.

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You should not be able to see the filament. It takes a lot for me to be ale to even tug the thing off. While some folks have had a bit of problem with things sticking, that is not the story for many of us, Sounds like the insertion went wrong or somehow you loosened it too much? I would call…

I’ve been using the Freestyle Libre for about a year now. I have had a few sensors fall or get knocked off. Sometimes I have to pry them off and other times I can barely make it stick. I use a barrier wipe called SkinTac to help prepare my skin and make it adhear better and sometimes I will place a clear film such as Tegaderm overtop (has to either be a breathable clear film which Tegaderm is or you need to cut a little hole in the center and line it up) to keep it on if it starts falling off. As for the filament and being able to see it if it is still in the skin and you just see a bit of it, it may still work. Do you not have a reader? You mentioned going back to the clinic, I am not sure how the Pro system differs from the 14 day system we have here in Canada but ours only holds 8 hours of data in the sensor so we have to scan at least every 8 hours into the reader or app or we lose the data, I assume it’s the same for the pro system but maybe I am wrong. If you have the reader, just scan and it will tell you if it is not working.

Unfortunately if you can see the wire, it is probably not working. The big problem with the Pro, is you can’t see any of the info until you see your doctor and they download it. You are going to need to call & see if they can just slide you in for another one. Good luck and I think you will be pretty impressed with the information a CGM can give you!

I shave the hair on the back of my arm before applying the sensor. I also use SkinTac.