Freestyle Libre questions - removing/replacing and protecting

I’m in the USA. Please only reply if you are also in the USA. Thanks!

I’m new to the Libre. My very first sensor came off when I bumped a wall.

I bought a Simpatch, an adhesive pad that covers the entire sensor and is supposed to be water resistant.

When I took a shower, the pad curled around the edges. So, I thought I’d just remove it and put on a new one. But it was stuck so hard to the sensor, I couldn’t get it off.

I see a lot of adhesive pads for sale out there and lots of opinions on them as well.

I’m interested to hear from anyone who has tried the “donut” style Simpatch that goes on around the sensor, leaving the sensor open to the air in the middle. Does this protect it from wall bumps? The company came out with this before the full coverage pad.

I see Dexcom adhesives with various shapes, like stars and flowers, that claim they stay on better after getting wet. There are people who say their kids swim with them and they stay on. Would this fit over the Libre sensor?

Just curious. Would it be rude to ask: Why?

I haven’t tried it myself, but I think the best protection against wall bumps would be an armband. Check out ebay, there are some nice looking armbands from Finland, they look like a watch casing with an open space in the middle for the sensor. Search for “freestyle libre guardian”.

I use skin-tac and I can hardly get it off when the sensor expires. Without it my last few sensor would just fall off several days before the sensor was supposed to end (they didn’t used to need any additional adhesive).

Not at all. The product is different in the USA than it is in the rest of the world. And products for it may also not be available equally.

@Kelly35. I have used the donut style adhesives on a Libre (briefly). I personally find that an adhesive barrier like skintac works better for my skin type. That said nothing IMHO helps when you accidentally joust with a doorframe. I have always lost that battle…

Sorry…Canada but here is my opinion.

The warmer and more humid it gets the more you need to avoid door frames and the edge of car seats.

Don’t know a brand but the donut style patches for Libre don’t work. Despite the color or pictures or shape.

OPSITE FLEXIFIX clear tape works really well but you may need extra hands to apply it. I need help. Cut a 3 - 4 inch strip, round the corners, apply right over the Libre. The hole in the Libre is for insertion only. Two , overlapping strips provide a very secure additional adhesion.

Ohhhh and call Libre support. They have been good about replacing sensors.

Good luck.

I agree with you gladtobehere. I used a Simpatch with the donut hole. I had a terrible time applying the SImpatch and hd a mess getting it on and then it loosened the sensor. My husband helped me remove the patch while I kept pressure on my sensor. We applied opsite flexifix and it worked wonderfully. I was afraid I was going to lose this sensor when all I wanted to do was secure the sensor better. After I go the 14 day period with this sensor I am only going to use the sensor without any added bandage. Onsite is an added product we can depend on.