Freestyle Lite Silicone Skins

At the Tour of Somerville, Team Type 1 cyclist Matt Brooks and I were talking about, well, diabetes devices. He and the other Team Type 1 members with diabetes and Team Type 2 members have these colored skins on their Freestyle Lite meters. The skins both protect the meters and help the team tell each others’ devices apart.

I e-mailed Abbott Customer Support to ask if these are available. They asked me what color skin I wanted, and gave me a choice of four colors.

If you are interested in these, e-mail Abbott Customer Support and ask.

I was at a JDRF Symposium back in April - and Abbott was there - giving away free skins (I managed to get a goldfish one). I was hoping for one more - but they looked at me like I was an idiot - well - they’re sorta right there. I guess for an old person like myself - these are more aimed at the younger generation - but heck - I am a Juvenille Diabetic . Anyway, I’ll try emailing Customer Support - as I am getting tired of the goldfish floating around.

What meter do the skins fit? I have the freestyle flash.

They are designed for the Freestyle Lite, which is the upgrade to the Flash. They will fit the Flash, but the hole for the PC connector cable is on the wrong side for the Flash. If you don’t use the PC connector cable (or don’t mind removing the skin to upload the data to your computer), it’ll do fine.

Views of the “naked” meter, the skin, and the meter IN the skin.

I called and emailed they have discontinued this program and now are going with skin-it stickers. Personal if anyone has some extras I would love to get a couple. Let me know. Email me at

Skin it stickers suck.
The silicone sleeves give the meter some bump protection and look better.