Skins for Ping Meters

Hurrah - it's about time! Ping just came out with skins for their meters. They come in the same colors as the pump skins. They're ridiculously expensive for what they are at $19.99 each plus $5 shipping, but our meter hits the ground / counter a lot more than our pump gets whacked, so I ordered one ASAP. (They are "only" $15 if you buy skins for your pump and meter at the same time. Of course, that's $15 for each one.)

Yes I have recieved an email about the skins and they sound great…I am thinking of purchasing a couple one for my meter and one for my pump.

i got a pump and meter skin for free at diabetes camp :slight_smile:
the meter skin was last year and the pump was the year before, so they dont match. the pump is the pink, purple, and white tie dye looking one, and the meter is purple.

Question reguarding the skins. I got a free one for my pump. I like the idea that it protects my pump, but I find the rubber skin keeps it from slidding easy in and out of where I place the pump. And why would you need a skin for the meter ? Mine is in the black zipper case. The only time I take it out of the case is to change the batteries, otherwise I test while it is in the case. Maybe I’m doing it all wrong?

My daughter has had two meter screens go bad on her. See my picture here Like you, she carries it in a case and is not a rough child. I’m hoping that whatever impact or twist the meters rec’d will be avoided with some extra padding. Both of them were fine, went into her bag, and came out busted the next time - now hints that failure was about to occur. In addition, both of us have dropped the meter, so again … can’t hurt.

Does the meter fit in the case with the skin on?

I carry my ping meter around in a modified accu-check case, with a Precision Xtra meter thrown in there too… and I haven’t had anything bad happen to my ping meter (I do have a spare ping meter though, it’s a long story but I lost my meter at Christmas, only to find it MONTHS later hidden away in a closet - thanks to my husband).

I have been using a cell phone case that hooks to my belt and has been working great, it protects the meter and offers protection to the tube and cost me 3.00 at the flea market.

I am using a tactical nylon pouch from a local company The pouch I am using is called the iComm pouch. Its designed for iPhones, but my Ping fits perfectly. You can mount it on your belt horizontally or vertically. It doesnt ride as flush as the Ping clip. Its basically a clip/pouch in one.

Clara has a case from, and it does fit in there, although the pocket had to get stretched out just a touch before it would slip in and out easily.

I wonder if someone on eBay . Craigslist is selling them cheaper

Yeah I
want the green camo one so I can hide

For when you drop it in the grass?

I doubt there are enough user for there to be any sort of knock-off market.

Dar - I do mine the same way so you’re not alone. I never take my meter out of the case - just keep it on the counter in case with all the stuff I carry in it. When I leave I zip and go.

true but my son gets lazy and often skips sipping the meter case up and has dropped it from the bedside or the larger dresser on numerous occasions leaving the meter to hit the ground face down and the skin has saved the screen on all occasions. It does fit a little too snug in the mater case but the meter case has little padding and is generally a poor quality case. Cases that are too soft do not zip up well and take extra wear and tear when doing so especially when fat and filled with lancets and all the other goodies. Why they would sell these pump kits for he prices they do and pair the meter with a crap case like that is beyond me