Freestyle Navigator update part 3

SO… it turns out Smith’s Medical does not have a contract to distribute the Navigator which means they are considered out of network. Obviously that will never do… so I told Abbot they could try another distributer in my network, which is Apria. I have never heard of them, so this should be fun. Apparently all they need is the papers work back from my doctor’s office and we are good to go.

Let’s just say I will believe it when i see it. I would really like to get it done this year since I have already met my deductible for the year, plus it would please the Abbott trainer if I had it by the time she made it to Texas.

blah blah blah… I will let you know when I learn more! Right now I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I had really good experiences with Apria. They were easy to deal with and never had trouble with billing.

I made a similar arrangement with Smith’s Medical and an in-network provider (now I can’t even remember the name) and all went fine and quickly… and that way I had 100% coverage. I hope that all works out well for you. I know the feeling of hoping medical bills come through all in the same year once I have met my deductible! Keep us posted!!

Your experience sounds similar to mine - Smith was not in-network (Aetna) for the Navigator, but Apria was, apparently. I got a call two weeks ago from Apria telling me that insurance approved the Navigator, but that the sensors were on backorder. I keep calling to check in. Abbott must be having some production problems, says Apria, because they are on backorder nationally. No estimate on when they can ship.
I would also like to get these in 2008 since my deductible is already met, and it would be nice to have new sensors going for the holidays, when my routine, eating habits and bg levels go a little haywire. Ah well. I’m still optimistic, and I am glad to read Tarra’s and Kristin’s experiences with Apria were good.
I have had an awful time working with Abbott’s team at the “customer care center,” though. But that can be a separate post for another day. Good luck - I look forward to hearing updates.