Freestyle Promise Program Saves You Money!

I recently started on the Freestyle Promise program, where you can get up to $50 off, per month, the cost of your freestyle testing strips. I recently refilled my 3-mo order, which amounted to 1000 strips (11 tests/day). If those cost $1/strip (I’m being generous here), the total cost of those would be $1000. With the $150 savings ($50/mo. times 3 months), I would have saved 15% alone! .

But wait!! There’s more (apologies to Billy Mays…)

My insurance covered the bulk of the original cost. After insurance, my test strips cost was about $155. The Freestyle Promise program kicked in and covered the next $138, leaving me with a net bill of…

$17… (I’m not sure if it was my pharmacist or me who was more shocked) For $1000 worth of test strips… That’s $0.02 per test strip!! Egads! Why didn’t I join this program sooner?!

The program is free to join and here’s the website:

Didn’t you receive a free meter as well? Did they send it to your home or did you have to go and get it somewhere? I am thinking about having my Mom check this out for a new meter for herself. She can’t drive now, so I was hoping they just send the meter to your home.
I’m glad they have programs like this. These test strips are way to costly. I’m so glad of the savings you received.