Free Strips and a discount EVERY month strips!... from the the Freestyle

i just posted this in the type 2 section… and some seem to like this program… IT works to save you money.

$50 off of a box of Freestyle test strips per month… call 1-866-246-2683 or visit FreeStyle Promise™ to get a card.

let us know if you find other free offers

Here is the message from a member in the Type 2 section… so it worked for her to.

This is great! I just called and signed up. It sounds like if you use a Freestyle meter, they will send you a card where you are guarenteed to pay only a max of a $15 co pay for test strips. You can use the card once a month. The benefit for them is that you give them permission to let them send you a ton of marketing stuff via email and snail mail. I’ve been paying closer to $40 with my insurance, so this will help! Thanks!